Picross e3 (3DS): COMPLETED!

picrosse3Ta dah! There’s not much to say, really. It’s more Picross and I completed it.

I have two things to mention, though. The first is about the length of the game – it’s a good 8 hours shorter than Picross e2 (and about an hour shorter than the original), which is a bit disappointing.

The other thing is the Mega Picross puzzles. I don’t like them. They’re like normal Picross puzzles, only the numbers sometimes – but not always – span two rows or columns. For the easier puzzles, that’s fine, but some – the final one especially – don’t seem to be possible without guesswork, or at least some pretty shaky assumptions. It just adds a level of complexity that is unnecessary and unneeded.

Still, I did enjoy it, despite these two issues. Roll on e4…

Picross e2 (3DS): COMPLETED!

picrosse2And finally, all the puzzles are solved. Phew!

According to the stats, I played it for over 21 hours, which is about 5 hours longer than its predecessor. Which is pretty much what I expected.

And, erm, that’s it. It’s great Picross game, just like the first one only bigger. In terms of value for money, £7 for over 20 hours play is pretty good going. It’s a shame there are no bigger puzzles as 15×15 is a bit small, but still – minor complaint.

Picross e2 (3DS)

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So. Many. Puzzles!

I’m over half way through, I think – but that’s only in terms of the number of puzzles left. They’re bigger now. And take longer to complete. The first few I could do in 15 seconds, now some are 15 minutes. And that’s assuming I don’t mess it up and have to restart.

Mario’s Picross (3DS): COMPLETED!

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I haven’t actually added up all the puzzles that there are, but it’s over 150. Probably 200-ish. But now, they’re all done!

I was expecting another set of puzzles after completing the Star ones, since there’s a gap on the screen where I thought another option would appear. One did, but it was just a time trial option and used the same puzzles as I’d already done.

So, completed then! And it’s also logged as my 3rd most played 3DS game, just behind Ghost Recon and Street Fighter IV.

Mario’s Picross (3DS)

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I loved Mario’s Super Picross for the SNES, which I picked up on the Wii Virtual Console a few years ago. It did take FOR EVAAR to complete though, so I wasn’t going to get the Game Boy version for the 3DS.

Then, of course, I did.

And it’s excellent, of course. Yes, so there are a few fewer puzzles, and yes, the biggest puzzle is only 15×15, but that’s actually good as it means I don’t get so stuck and hurt my poor little eyes like I did with the SNES one 🙂

I’m jumping between “Easy Picross” and whatever the Mushroom set of puzzles are, and have completed about a third of each in total so far.