Pilotwings Resort (3DS): COMPLETED!

With Diamond unlocked, each Diamond mission starred, and all of Free Flight done, I think I can safely say I’ve completed Pilotwings Resort. In total, I’ve spent 16 or 17 hours on it, and there’s still replay value if I wanted to go and perfect every level. Which I don’t, but thanks for asking.

So much for “3 hours long”, eh, Mr Reviewer Man.

Pilotwings Resort (3DS)

So who’da thunk that the “weakest” (according to reviews) of the 4 3DS launch games I bought would turn out to be my most played? Not me, especially since I wasn’t going to buy it and any did due to a voucher that netted me it for under a tenner.

Today I finally 3 starred the last few missions, having already completed free flight mode and 2+ starring all the missions. I’d considered 2 stars on each mission and all of free flight done as “completed”, but I was told about Diamond rank missions so thought I’d best do them. 3 stars on all the missions opened it, and the credits, so now I’ve a few more missions to do!

Pilotwings Resort (3DS)

Many people slated this a bit on the run-up to the 3DS launch, saying it was pretty and fun and everything but very short and having just one location was rubbish. Reviews suggested you’d get all of three hours fun out of it, and then want to trade it in. I bought it because I got it for £9.90, which I thought was a fair price to pay for 3 hours of 3DS game.

Now, almost 10 hours in, I’m wondering just exactly how good these reviewers must be in order to 100% it in 3 hours.

I’ve unlocked all the difficulties, sure, but I’ve not started Platinum yet. Or got higher than 2 stars on most previous missions. Many are still 1 star. None are perfect. I still have to find some stuff in Free Flight mode too. So I’ve easily got another few hours – maybe even another 10 – left to go.

As a result, I think I’d be happy having got this for more than I paid for it. It’s an excellent game, and the 3D works really well. In fact, for a lot of the game it’s pretty much essential, as it aids judging speed and distance better than any on-screen gauges or markers could in 2D.