Things I’ve been playing recently

Been a while since I did a roundup, so this covers several weeks…

Stan_Lee_is_a_bloody_liabilityLego Marvel Super Heroes (Wii U)

My daughter and I completed this some time ago, but the post game mop-up is huuuuge. Not only is there the usual Free Play of levels, but there are loads of other smaller levels you unlock, and hundreds of events around the world map. We’ve 230/250 gold bricks now, so the end is in sight.

LEGO® Jurassic World™ Demo_20151003154452Lego Jurassic World Demo (PS4)

Oh god I think we need to get this. We’ll probably get the Wii U version though, because co-op screen-each play is the way to go on Lego games. I know the PS4 version looks better, but screen-each!

WVW69iYicg80ANCGpGPuzzle & Dragons Z (3DS)

Slow going on this. I only do a single level every now and again, so although I’m getting there, it’s taking a while. I am enjoying it, though!

_t__PS4share_httpt.coZ6fVvHoVayThe Pinball Arcade (PS4)

Picked this up when it was on sale. It’s not something you can complete, but it’s pretty good. I got the first two “seasons” cheap, and although some are recycled from Gottleib Pinball on the Wii, it’s enjoyable. Some more than others, of course. One thing which is annoying, however, is that your users on your PS4 can’t share leaderboards, making the leaderboards essentially useless.

Pix the Cat_20151004141202Pix the Cat (PS4)

Saw this described as Chu Chu Rocket x Pac Man Championship Edition, but it’s not quite that close. In fact, the main arcade mode isn’t really interesting me and I was pretty disappointed… but Nostalgia Mode? Bloody awesome. It’s more puzzle based, and a lot of fun. So mainly I’ve been playing that.

Uncrowded (PC)

Some sort of Minecraft looking but more survival based game. Which appears to literally be a reskin of some Unity asset pack demo game released as a “new” title. Cheeky. And utter tripe.

Stuff I’ve been playing recently

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Or the “can’t be bothered with lots of posts” post. Woo!

Super Mario World (Wii U)

Bought this on the Wii U VC as an upgrade to the Wii VC version I have. It is, as it always was, fantastic. But much harder than I recall. Losing it in my old age! I have managed to clear the forest though, so I’m what, half way? A bit further than half way? Something like that.

Kirby’s Adventure (Wii U)

Oh no! 50Hz! I have no way of telling! Good job someone else pointed it out so I could be angry! That aside, Kirby’s Adventure is also still excellent fun. Yeah, it’s one of the easiest games in all creation (well, except for Where’s Waldo on the Megadrive, obviously), but that matters this much: not at all. Just about to complete Butter Building.

Crimson Shroud (3DS)

I have no idea what I’m doing. Still. At three hours in I’d have hoped I’d at least understand the game by now, but I have no idea where I’m going or what I’m supposed to be doing, so I’m aimlessly wandering round all the locations I’ve been in already in the hope I’ll stumble across the next bit I’m supposed to do. I like the game, and the combat is lovely, I’m just… lost.

Zen Pinball 2 (Wii U)

I bought some more tables as they were on offer. I’ve tried them all (some of which I already have on the 3DS or the 360), and none of them are bad. The Avengers table is probably my favourite though. The high score tables seem oddly empty amongst my friends though, even though some I’m sure have some of the tables. One guy even shows up twice on one table, with one of his scores being identical to mine – which I find highly unlikely. Server issues, maybe.

The Irregular Lazy Catch Up Post

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Yep. Another one of those. You love them really. So, here are things I’ve been playing recently:

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (360)

I’m now, I dunno, half way into the first of the two year 7 films? I have no idea. Things seem to have hit the fan though, as the beardyman has died and the moon has turned into a Lego skull and everything was on fire.

Literally no idea.

Skylanders (360)

My daughter is able to play this really well now, so we play in co-op and she pretty much manages by herself without me needing to control her or anything. She even goes and collects keys and things, and knows to hang back when there’s a load of baddies to dispatch. Awesome. We’ve done a few more levels, and redone some earlier ones again, but I’m not sure how far from the end we are now.

Batman: Arkham City (Wii U)

It’s fantastic. I’m now almost 9 hours in, and have just completed the Demon Trials bit, which is how far I got on the PC version before giving the PC version up because it’s the PC version and who plays PC games? Eh? I’m surprised I’d played it for that long on the PC though. In fact, I probably played it a lot longer, as I recall a lot of aimless wandering, side quests, and Riddler Trophy hunting – none of which I’ve really done in the Wii U version yet.

The Wii U Game Pad makes it a lot easier to manage gadgets and stuff too, and it doesn’t look any worse than the PC version did on my machine, so it’s better overall. Nice.

The Cave (Wii U)

Still on my first runthrough. I don’t know how long the game is, but I’m now doing the third “individual” puzzle section – for the Time Traveller – having already done the Hillbilly and the Twins bits. The Twins one was hilarious. And dark. The controls have clicked now too, which is great. It’s a shame there’s no Game Pad Only mode, though.

Zen Pinball 2 (Wii U)

I still only have the Marvel Infinity Pack of tables (I think that’s what it’s called, anyway – Avengers, Infinity Gauntlet, World War Hulk and Fear Itself), but they’re all great. I’m at the top of my friends list on all the high score tables now, and have broken the top 50 in the world on a couple of them – and 5th in the UK on one!

F-Zero (Wii U)

The SNES game for 30p. I’m not a fan of F-Zero (and never really have been, actually), but at that price, you can’t say no. So I didn’t say no.

It’s as good (or “average”) as I remember it. Quite good fun, but the tracks with the 90 degree “square” corners are too hard, the “cars” are too floaty, and the collision detection, particularly with walls, too ropey, to really enjoy properly. At least it’s in 60Hz. Miiverse would explode if it wasn’t…

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Demo) (Wii U)

It’s Monster Hunter Tri, only in HD. And with more bits. But basically, that. It looks utterly fantastic, plays well, and I really want it, but… the controls! Oh my!

They were terrible on the Wii, but you’dathunk on the Wii U, with more buttons and a touch screen for easy item access, they’re be easier? Right? Wrong. You still have to hold L and press Y and A to cycle through your inventory. Why?! Madness.

Tank! Tank! Tank! (Wii U)

This is now free. At least, being able to play one of the multiplayer game modes up to three times a day is free. Rude not to download it, really.

It plays like EDF 2017, only with big happy cartoon graphics, Japanese photobooth style silly photo avatars, and tanks. It’s fun, but it’s Story Mode I think I’d get most out of, and that’s not free. Sure, it’s only £7.99, but I’ve a lot of other games on at the moment and it’s likely the disc version will be nearer that price (with all the other content included) soon. I’ve seen it for £15 so it’s only a matter of time.

2 Fast 4 Gnomz (Demo) (3DS)

I played another game in this series on the Wii U. It was terrible. This, however, is… good? It’s a simple autorunning platformer, but it was fun. Fun enough to buy when there are a billion similar cheaper-or-free alternatives? Not so sure.

Fractured Soul (Demo) (3DS)

Erm. I’m pretty sure I’ve played an almost identical game to this before. Maybe on the Wii. It’s a “two planes” game, where you swap from one to the other (one on each screen) to progress – as enemies, switches, platforms and lasers only appear on one or the other. It’s a bit like Mighty Switch Force, but not even one tenth as good. I won’t be buying this.

escapeVektor (3DS)

Another few levels into this. Still great.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate: Demo of Game: Sub of Title (3DS)

It’s a 2.5D Castlevania, that looks like the 360 “reboot” graphically, plays a bit like it in terms of combat, but have the classic Metroidvania blue-map-filling thing going on. I hated the 360 game (it just wasn’t Castlevania), but this… this is awesome. It’s now on the list!

Stuff I’ve been playing recently

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I’ve not just been completing things, you know…

Johnny Kung Fu (3DS)

I was really looking forward to this when it was announced. Reviews were not kind, but I thought – they’re wrong, right? They were not wrong. Sure, it’s not terrible. And, separately, each level is fine. The problem is the game is a confused mess of Game & Watch, Kung Fu Master, and Wario Ware and it doesn’t really gel properly. Oh well.

Marvel Pinball 3D (3DS)

It’s Zen Pinball (which is awesome) only with four different tables (which is awesome). And, it’s awesome. Mainly playing the Captain America table at the moment.

Skylanders (360)

Recently, I was informed that you don’t actually need two “portals” to play two player, so I’ve been playing it a bit with my daughter as player two. Which is great and all, but she’s not quite got it yet and keeps dragging me off to my death. Oops.

Slay (iOS)

Still the best iOS (and Windows Pocket PC, originally!) game by a hundred billion miles.

Lego Star Wars III (360)

Started the second run through the game – in Free Play mode now. Only done three levels though. Pretty sure I’ve got True Jedi on every level now, but the achievement hasn’t “popped”. Unless you have to do all the ground battles too?

Kirby’s Pinball Land (3DS): COMPLETED!

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Easiest pinball game ever!

OK, so pinball games just go on for ever and ever, but there’s a definite target in this one – to beat the three table bosses and then defeat Dedede.

So that’s what I did. And it didn’t take very long as it’s pretty easy, not least because when you lose the “ball” (i.e., Kirby) you get a chance to get it back. Every time.

The physics are a bit shonky too, but other than that, it was still fun.

Stuff wot I are bin playing recently

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Another round-up post, I’m afraid!

Batman: Arkham City (PC)

Despite the hassle it is to set up (all those cables and adapters and begging Windows to let audio go out the HDMI port please), and the fact it’s a PC game, I’m still enjoying it. It feels like driving a car when you know one of the wheels is going to fall off at some point. You enjoy the ride, but are on edge that at some point you could well end up in a ditch on your roof.

I’m also finding that, even though the world is clearly much more open than in Arkham Asylum, and obviously massively bigger, the game feels much more linear and is apparently just a set of fetch quests. There’s no real Metroidvania-ness like in the original either. That said, it is still utterly compelling to play, and I’m really enjoying it. I just feel that if it was on the 360 I’d be enjoying it even more!

In terms of progress, I’ve just completed the terrible, terrible trials bit given to me by Ra’s al Ghul (the only bad bit of the game so far, really).

The Sims 3 (3DS)

Look. It was £8 in Sainsburys. We shall say no more.

Except that it’s still fun setting fire to your house, calling the fireman, waiting for him to enter the house, then getting rid of all the doors.

Super Pokémon Rumble (3DS)

Still shallow. Still fun. Getting a little bit hard now, too. Especially since I was defeated by a boss, and thought – no way can I beat him. Only to find that you’re not supposed to yet and it’s all part of the story.

Motorstorm RC (PS3)

Pretty much the only thing I play on my PS3. It’s awesome. Not done all the tracks yet, but every now and then I sit down and clear a few. It’s getting pretty difficult now though, with a good half an hour on one of the tracks spent not even clearing bronze, let alone anything better!

Zen Pinball (3DS)

I haven’t played this in a while, but have got back into it this week. I’ve purposefully avoided the Shamen table (which was my favourite) to try and improve my scores elsewhere, and have focussed mainly on Excalibur. I think I may have passed a point where I know how to actually play the table now, so I expect great things. Or not.

The Legend of Zelda (3DS)


I have no idea why I picked this up last night, but I did. And got as far as the first piece of triforce. It’s lovely.

Rhythm Thief (Demo) (3DS)

I think I may actually use up the number-of-plays limit on this demo. It’s utterly fantastic. It’s like a mix of Space Channel 5, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! and Rhythm Heaven, with a sort of Moonwalker/Smooth Criminal vibe. Really, really want the full game. And it’s by Sega?! Hell has frozen over.


Stuff I’ve played recently

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A roundup of some of the games I’ve been playing in the last couple of weeks:

Pullblox (3DS)

Completed this a while back, but have gone back to finish some of the bonus levels that you unlock, and some of the user generated ones I’ve found strewn across the internets. It’s still lovely.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (360)

Returned to mop up a few more achievements and actually play some of the side missions and games I’d totally missed. There are still Cristina and assorted faction side missions to do, but I think I’m done with the game for now. It was excellent though – I just have other things to play!

Crysis 2 (360)

This was £7 in the Morrisons sales. I’m about 3-4 hours in, and haven’t really got used to the controls yet – every button on the pad seems to have seventy-three uses in various situations, or whether you press it or hold it down or double-tap it. The game itself seems like a mix of Half-Life 2, The Conduit, and Aliens vs Predator, with various sections, plot points and cut scenes ripped from each. It’s not bad, but I’m not feeling it yet. Mind you, I’m not a big fan of FPSes generally anyway. We’ll see. It looks gorgeous though.

Zen Pinball (3DS)

I’m useless at this. Shaman is my favourite table, but my high score is only a feeble 14 million or so putting me well down my friends’ leaderboard despite everyone else barely playing it as they all hate it (compared to the other tables, anyway). How do I get score multipliers? How can I stop being rubbish at it? Tch.

Mario vs Donkey Kong (3DS)

The GBA game, which I got free for being a Nintendo Ambassador. It’s a direct sequel to the Donkey Kong (’94) Game Boy game I was playing on the 3DS earlier in the year, and is very good indeed. There have been further sequels, but they’re a different sort of platform puzzler – more like Krusty’s Super Fun House. I liked that game, but I don’t like the others in the Mario vs DK series for some reason. You can see the way the series is going in this iteration, as one level per world is a “mini Mario” level, similar to what would become of the later games. I can cope with that though. Up to World 3 so far.

Zen Pinball (3DS)

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On the eShop today was this – Zen Pinball. I’m quite a fan of Pinball FX (by the same devs) on the 360, and have put far too much time into some great handheld pinball titles like Metroid Pinball, Pokémon Pinball, Sonic Pinball Party and so on, so was really looking forward to Zen.

And it doesn’t disappoint.

The 3D is fantastic, and really adds to the game. The physics are spot on, and it feels like a real table. The graphics are pretty good too. So far, I’ve only played the Eldorado table (and there are three more), but I can see this getting a lot more play. There are online leaderboards and friends’ scores to beat and stuff too, which is excellent.

And it’s only £4.50! BUY BUY BUY!

Pinball FX (360)

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Been a while since I last played this, but the Street Fighter II table for it was released recently and, in an attempt to break free from the evil clutches of Fallout 3, I gave it a go.

It’s a pretty good table, actually. Better than most of the others in Pinball FX, anyway. It’s difficult to light the lights above the top-left bumpers as they’re hidden, but aside from that it’s very nice. Except Trousers is already above me on the scoretable, beating my score of about 5 million with one approaching 9 million. Boo!!

Pinball FX (360)

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Just a few goes this evening to try to beat my scores on the Nightmare Mansion and Extreme tables. Managed the former (and got two achievements too), but not the latter. Although I did manage to pick up another achievement on the Extreme one.

Pinball FX (360)

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My wife was playing this earlier, so I had to beat her high scores.

Naturally, I didn’t. Which is rubbish.

I also bought and downloaded the Nightmare Mansion table, which is very small but plays well.

Pinball FX (360)

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Didn’t play this for long. I was scrolling through my XBLA games list (some 40 games long now) and realised I hadn’t played this all that much.

So I had a few goes on the Speed Machine table, and eat my previous 50 million score… by getting almost 300 million. And I’m not sure how. One minute I was stil around 35 million, the next I’d broken 250. Managed to get two achievements for this too, and reached second placed on my friends leaderboard.

Not so lucky on the Agents table though. A feeble 14 million was my best.

Digital Pinball (Saturn)

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It’s still Retro Week on ugvm, and having spent the last few days on NES titles, I thought I’d move over to Saturn games today. First up, the lovely Digital Pinball.

Sadly, the saved games on my Saturn have long since vanished, so I had no high scores to attempt. I launched (see?) straight into the Gladiators table, as it’s the best one. “I’m coming for ya, you’d best be ready for me!”, “ESS! PEE! QUEUE! ARR!”, “MUH-MUH-MUH-MUH-MULTIBALL!” and so on. Aces.

And it is too. More so than I recall, actually. Perhaps that has something to do with having a 32″ TV now, and a proper RGB cable instead of the RF one I used to use?

Scores? Well, I managed 915,000,000-ish. I seem to recall I used to get in the region of 4,000,000,000, though. Bah.

Gottlieb Pinball Classics (Wii): COMPLETED!

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Yes, I know Pinball is generally a high-score based genre of gaming, but Gottlieb Pinball Classics does have a single player Tournament Mode, which is essentially a set of levels. So I’ve taken this as a “story mode” or something, and after many attempts this week, I’ve finished it.

There’s a bug in the game though – I’m sure of it. The “points” you gain from each table when qualified and completed are generally in the range of 1-10. For some reason, on the “Tee’d Off” table, it gave me 217. I hadn’t even got an especially high score, and it wasn’t an isolated incident either, as myself and my wife both had 150+ points from that table on several occasions. Very odd.

Anyway – the game is complete! Now to concentrate on unlocking the Arcade Mode tables for Free Play!

Gottlieb Pinball Classics (Wii)

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Oh shush. Just because I already have 65453435674346 unplayed games doesn’t mean I can’t buy another one, right? Right?

So I got this this morning. At first I was confused that a game requiring just three buttons necessitates both the Wii remote and the nunchuk. That’s not a problem, it just seemed a bit odd.

Anyway, so I’ve played through Challenge Mode a fair bit, unlocking several tables, but getting stuck on the Tee’d Off table. I’ve also ploughed most of my earned credits into the Arcade Mode and unlocked a few more tables that way too. It’s pretty good overall, but some of the tables, although authentic and everything, are a bit sparse and unexciting.