Sonic Triple Trouble (PlayPal): COMPLETED!

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I finally got round to putting some decent batteries in my PlayPal today, meaning the screen was actually bright and the sound volume audiable. I played Alex Kidd In High Tech World for a bit, but somehow managed to get Game Over without warning so played Triple Trouble instead.

It isn’t actually very good at all. The main problem (and the problem with most of the Game Gear Sonic titles) is the small area of actual level that you see at any one time. You can’t plan ahead much, so can’t see holes coming up, platforms/rings/baddies/TVs etc. above or below, and it’s far too easy to get pranged on unexpected spikes. Sonic’s jump isn’t quite right either, as it’s far too floaty and making slight adjustments to your target landing point whilst mid-jump causes much frustration as you over-steer through no choice of your own.

It’s also rather easy. None of the bosses killed me, bar Eggman at the end, and I only lost a few lives through the rest of the game (mainly on an underwater zone where I kept drowning or getting pranged), and I didn’t use a single continue and had 5 lives remaining at the end.

Assorted PlayPal Games

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I have a PlayPal. It arrived today. Basically, it’s a handheld console with a load of (licenced) 8-bit Sega games built in. You can even connect it to a TV (or in my case, my lovely new Dell 2407 monitor) and play it on the big screen. Ace.

So I’ve not really put any proper time into it yet, but I have had a few goes on some of the games: Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Snail Maze (yes, that secret game built-in on some Sega Master System consoles), Fantasy Zone, Fantasy Zone: The Maze and Sonic Triple Trouble.

It’s a lovely machine, but the sound and screen brightness are both somewhat weak. I suspect this may be due to the crappy batteries I found (it takes three AAAs), and I’ve not had chance to try any others yet. Of course, on the TV everything is just ace.