Lego Dimensions: Portal 2 (PS4): COMPLETED!

After a short hiatus while I finished off a few 3DS games, my daughter and I got back on Lego Dimensions and ran through the Portal 2 level.

It was good! Full of Cave Johnson, some nice Portal 2 puzzles (including the blue bouncy gel and the orange accelerating gel), and of course, it was pretty funny too. I’m not sure the game considered just how easy it was to skip massive sections with a flying vehicle, such as the Cloud Cuckoo Car, as two large areas we missed almost entirely, but that doesn’t really matter.

lego dimensions portal 2

The hub world is decent too, with plenty of referenced – you have to grow the potato, for example. And the shed from the end of the first Portal game is there too, as is Chell’s “room”, complete with toilet. Toilets are important.

We’ve just the one level pack remaining now – Mission Impossible.

Oh! And before I go, you’ll be wanting an updated List, right?

Sonic the Hedgehog > Adventure Time > Midway Arcade > Portal 2 > Doctor Who > The Simpsons > Ghostbusters > Back to the Future.

There you go!

Portal 2 (360): COMPLETED!

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Well, it’s about time I completed something! Having lots of games on the go kind of drops the amount of time you spend on each so you don’t really progress in them much.

However, the main thing I’ve played for the last week has been Portal 2, and, not being especially long, meant completion was pretty much inevitable.

I liked the new gels, especially the conversion gel (painting an entire room with it so every surface becomes portal-able was awesome), and the final few tests were pretty good too. The end of game boss was far, far too easy though, although perhaps that was the point? And the final portal gun shot to finish him off was pretty far fetched even for Portal, but none of that really matters.

Now, back to Skyrim, or start Lego Star Wars III? Hmm.

Portal 2 (360)

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Hmm. This “sticking to a few games and just playing those” thing is working well, I see. Portal 2 arrived last week, so I had to play it. I was going to wait until after Skyrim, but you know how these things are.

It is, as expected, awesome. Particularly Wheatley, who is just Stephen Merchant in robot form. Not just his voice (obviously, since it’s him doing it), but the “character” Stephen generally plays too. GlaDOS is great too, as is Cave Johnson when his recordings appear.

In fact, it’s almost as if the whole game is just a mechanism for creating the interactions between you, Wheatley and GlaDOS. The puzzles are second fiddle to this, great as they are. They’re more complicated than the first game too, or at least more varied. In the original, most of them involved making lasers do things, or avoiding turrets, or putting cubes on switches. The first bit of the game is just like this, but then you’re thrown into an older area of Aperture Science where there are new things do do, with bouncy and slidey gels.

I’m currently on Chapter 7. I don’t know how many chapters there actually are, but I’m pretty sure I’m well past the half-way stage.

Still Alive DS (DS)

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Still Alive DS is a freeware game you can run on your DS if you have one of those evil, obviously only used for piracy, flash cards. Like an R4 or something. It’s a 2D sort-of remake of Portal, featuring the same sorts of puzzles, turrets, cubes and plasma balls, as well as the two-portal gameplay.

It’s a bit fiddly to control, and it doesn’t look all that amazing, but it’s a solid, clever puzzler. Unfortunately, I’ve now come to an impass, being totally unable to complete the level I’ve reached (29, I think). There’s a narrow shaft I have to fall down, but there’s a plasma ball bouncing back and forth in it, and I can’t time the drop to miss it. Bah.

If you want to play it yourself, you can find it here.

Portal (360)

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Advanced is too hard.



Portal (360): COMPLETED!

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That’s two games in one day! Amazing!

After test 18, you managed to escape from the testing chambers, although I won’t say how or what happens afterwards, but when you finally defeat the end of game boss (with hilarious running commentary from the boss itself), you get the credits.

Credits with the best ending song ever. Which I can’t say as it’s a spoiler. But AMAZING.

And! CAKE! Yay!

Portal (360)

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No, I have no idea why the “The Orange Box” box goes pink when you resize it to the thumbnail you see on the left. Most odd.

Since I don’t want to complete Mario Galaxy too quickly, I’ve decided to play something else for a bit. Yeah, I know I have Phantom Arsegas and Shadow of a Colostomy on the go at the moment, but, well, this arrived yesterday and everyone says it’s ace and I’m weak.

What I don’t remember anyone saying, however, is how hilarious it is. The computer voice taking you through the “training”? Fantastic! The fake concern for me, the lies, the promises of cake! It’s brilliant.

And the game? Braneaching. Yes, that’s a word. I just wrote it, so it must be.

If you don’t know what it entails, then imagine a gun that fires holes that stick to walls, floors and ceilings. One hole is blue, the other, orange. Walk through one, and you come out the other. Easy! But there are puzzles, you see, and they make your brain melt.

And I’m only on puzzle 17!