We Love Katamari (PS2)

Oh my. This has to be the most gay game I’ve played since Ai Cho Aniki. It’s great though. Sort of.

I’ve done the tutorial, and the first level, but I’m having real problems controlling my katamari rolling. I can’t seem to “rotate” around the ball as I roll it – I just end up rolling sideways which doesn’t help for navigation as you can’t see a bloody thing.

And the music is stuck in my head.

Guitar Hero (PS2)

Well, I’ve managed to get past Pro and now I’m a Guitar Hero. Of course, I still have five more tracks to go, all of which seem completely impossible.

I’d read that “Bark at the Moon” was really somewhat difficult – not surprising since it’s the last song on the list, but I hadn’t realised how hard. Around ten attempts later, and I was still only 22% through the song. Impossible.

Luckily, I managed to get the other four tracks – eventually. I then went over to Quick Play mode and played a few tracks on Easy instead.

Guitar Hero (PS2)

Started Career Mode this evening, with the intention of unlocking some more tracks, but ended up wading through all the “levels” playing for real. I’m up to “Pro” level now, and the tracks have got really hard. It doesn’t help that I’m playing on Medium, and it keeps throwing in a load of blue frets to make things harder and hurt my fingers ever more.

“Ziggy Stardust” for the win, though.

Guitar Hero (PS2)


Hurrah! Look what I got for Christmas! Didn’t get chance to play on it for long, however, just a few tracks on Quick Play on Easy mode. It’s ACES, but bloody hard, even on easy.

Guitar Hero (PS2)

Went round a friend’s today as it was his birthday yesterday. One of his presents was Guitar Hero, so I had a go. And I RAWKED, of course. Or not.

It’s a bit bloody hard has you have to strum and press frets and waggle the wah-wah thing all together. But it is ACE.