Patapon (PSP)

Oooh! Lots of excitement today! Not only did I figure out how to create more Patapons to use in my now-growing army, but I also found a tree-and-trumpet-man mini-game that gives me stuff, AND I can now Chaka-Chaka-Pata-Pon (defend)! Aces!

The Chaka thing was especially useful on Dodonga – the first proper “boss” I encountered in the game. Most of my army were defeated during the fight, but thankfully I collected their caps that they leave behind, so they were reborn after the mission.

LocoRoco (Demo) (PSP)

I have the game on order, but no-one told me you could download demos for the PSP! So I did!

It’s great, as I expected, and possibly the most cute thing ever created. The way your blob sings along with the music is brilliant, and even better is when you split him up into several blobs, they all sing – some singing different parts of the song! OMFG!

But, uh, the game. It’s ACES! Although my sticky R button is a bit of an issue. And not knowing what the hell I needed to do didn’t help. But it’s rolly tilty cutey fun. Hurrah!

Patapon (PSP)

This game was the reason I finally decided to get a PSP. With it, there were enough titles available to warrant buying one, and I couldn’t resist Patapon having seen and read about it.

Anyway. I’ve played it a bit this evening, and I’m already hooked. It doesn’t touch the analogue nub (which is good), instead pretty much relying on just two (so far) face buttons. Square makes a “pata” noise, and circle is “pon”. When you press these in the sequence pata-pata-pata-pon, your little men advance. When you press pon-pon-pata-pon, they attack. Simple! Only you have to do it in a rhythm, and they repeat it back.

Frankly, the game is fantastic. Even if I have only done two missions.