Qwak (GBA)

Normal Mode is too hard. This is now a Fact. As such, I can’t make it past level 14, so I’ve knocked the difficulty down to Easy (because I’m a coward) and managed to get to 23. I’d have managed much further, but the second Guardians level wiped out virtually all my lives, and all of my continues.

I wish I knew what all the little potion things do. I know the shield ones give you, uh, shielding, but the others? I should read the manual, really.

Qwak (GBA)

Wow. This is my 100th GBA game, which is a milestone in itself, but it’s also the first non-licenced, home made cartridge-based game I’ve ever bought!

Qwak is a remake (or port, or mix of the two – I’m not entirely certain) of the Amiga game of the same name. The GBA version is done by the original author too, so you can be sure it’s authentic! I don’t have the Amiga version, and I don’t recall playing it either, but the game is very much in the style of other platformers of the time – Bubble Bobble, Snow Bros, that sort of thing. Small levels with baddies to avoid or shoot, and things to collect before the exit opens.

It’s great. Colourful and cute, rock hard to play, and very professional. I’m amazed the author didn’t try and get it published properly, as the quality is far above many “real” GBA releases.

Anyway. I played a few times, managed to get up to level 14-ish, and then it all got a bit too hard for me. On my first go I’d only managed to get to level 2 before using a continue, so I had actually shown some improvement…

If you want to buy the game yourself (it’s limited to 300 copies), you can get it from here.