Rayman Legends (Wii U): COMPLETED!

raymanlegendsBy “completed”, I of course mean, I’ve got to the end credits. See. I don’t have all 700 teensies, or a million lums, or have done all the Origin levels (I haven’t even unlocked most of them) or opened Living Dead Party, but I’ve completed the story.

I played about 60% of the game in co-op with my daughter, which was fun. She generally took on the role of Murfy for those levels where he’s a part, and she did a pretty good job too – even on the harder levels. The last 40% of the game, though, I played through myself.

It’s a great title. It’s better than Origins (not least because it contains Origins), plays fantastically, looks beautiful, and is challenging without being impossible. It is somewhat easier than Origins, however, with the final boss being something of a walkover. This was only slightly disappointing though.

However, despite all the fun and greatness, there’s a niggle that it isn’t quite as good as lots of people have said. I’m not sure what. It feels much bigger than it actually is, which might be it. Or it could be the lower difficulty. Or maybe the shortage of the excellent music levels. I don’t know.

I’m glad I got the Wii U version, though, as the 360/PS3 versions would really be missing out with the lack of proper Murfy levels and two-screen co-op. And everything said, I haven’t actually paid for it, so that was a bonus too!

Things I’ve been playing recently

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Roundup time!

Need For Speed: Most Wanted U (Wii U)

At less than £15, I couldn’t resist this. The best version of essentially the sequel to one of the best driving games ever (Burnout Paradise)? Sold! And, I’ve not been disappointed. Sure, it’s more realistic with the real cars and less arcadey handling, and yeah, the billboards and barriers you have to smash through aren’t all bright red and yellow, and OK, so there are police cars out to spoil your fun… but it’s still a fantastic game. It’s still just fun to drive very very very very fast for miles down the wrong side of the road for no reason.

I’ve shut down the Most Wanted cars 10 to 6, and have about 500,000 points (it seems you need to hit a million or so in total to unlock all the Most Wanted car events), so that, combined with my Single Player Progress of 49%, I’d say I’m almost halfway complete…

Luigi’s Mansion 2 (3DS)

I’ve had this for a while but as I acquired 7 top 3DS games all in the space of about a fortnight, it didn’t get played instantly. I made a start on it this week, and although I’ve only done the first four or five missions, I’m loving it already. It’s just so polished and Nintendo. And Luigi humming the theme tune never gets old.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

This is still getting played every single day. Literally. I haven’t missed a day since release. My main task for the last week or so, however, has been to try and increase the number of Public Works projects open to me. I’ve built a few, like the fence, a torch and a wind turbine, but the animals keep suggesting rubbish like signs when I actually want a big flower clock and a lighthouse.

Rayman Legends (Wii U)

I preordered this over a year ago. Then it was delayed. Then the credit card I ordered it with expired. Then it turned up on Tuesday. I’ve not been charged for it. Seemed a shame to send it back.

My daughter and I have been playing it all co-op so far. She’s been Murfy as much as possible, and we’ve been jumping all over the place with the levels, not working through them in order like my brain keeps screaming to, but she’s enjoying it too much to not play it this way. We had a good 45 minute session the other day where all we did way punch and kick each other. Marvellous.

Pokemon Rumble U (Wii U)

Another co-op game with my daughter. She gets to be the All Powerful Kyurem who can defeat everything in a single hit, where I have to keep upgrading my Mewtwo to remain alive for more than ten seconds. It’s button-mashy, but that’s OK because it’s fun anyway.

Stuff I’ve been playing recently

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It’s another lazy roundup! Yay!

Nintendo Land (Wii U)

I’ve completed the Pikmin Adventure game, which took a couple of hours (and unlocked some more, harder levels). It’s really very good, and has me itching for Pikmin 3. I also played Octopus Dance some more, but no matter how well I do, a controller calibration or disconnection problem happens and I lose. Bah.

Mighty Switch Force HD (Wii U)

Although the level called “Bonus 5” is seemingly the same as one of the levels on the 3DS version, I simply can’t do it. I think some of the problem is that it’s an “autoswitching” level, where you have no control of the in-out switching nature of the blocks. Instead, they switch automatically every three seconds. That’s not so hard in itself, but on the 3DS the sound mix was better suited – you get BRRRP BRRRP SWITCH, BRRRP BRRRP SWITCH, etc. You do on the Wii U version too, but it gets lost in the music and harder to work with. Maybe headphone will help.

Little Inferno (Wii U)

Yeah, I started it again. This is my third runthrough now. A lovely, lovely thing to play with.

Trine 2 (Wii U)

Perhaps my least loved Wii U game. I don’t know why – it is excellent. I just rarely seem to be in the mood for a difficult platform fighty puzzler with really, really, fiddly controls. Having three characters with three different control methods doesn’t really help. It’s a shame because I really do like Trine 2 – I just can’t gel with the controls.

Rayman Legends (Demo) (Wii U)

So happy and clever and fun. The demo consists of three levels. One is a “traditional” Rayman platforming section, one is a new Wii U-centric touch screen controlled section (where you manipulate the level, rather than directly control the character), and the third is the best of all – a full-tilt running level, with jumps and punches timed to hit the riffs in Black Betty by Ram Jam. YES. A THOUSAND TIMES YES.

New Super Mario Bros 2 (3DS)

I’ve found one of the hidden worlds! The mushroom one. And completed it! And then I found a few more exits on some other levels, and completed the levels they unlocked too. Awesome.

Gunman Clive (3DS)

I’m sure it shouldn’t be this hard. But it is. The train transformer boss was really hard. Then the level after was hard. Basically, it’s hard. Good, but hard.

escapeVektor (3DS)

Now on world (area? section?) 5, I think. It’s as least as good as the Wii version, and great for dipping into for just the odd level here and there.

Lollipop Chainsaw (360)

Erm. I wanted this because I like Suda51’s games, right? Not for any other reason. OK? Good. So long as we’re all aware.

Lollipop Chainsaw plays a lot like a cross between No More Heroes and Onechanbara, both on the Wii. That’s not a bad thing, but it does mean it’s a little rough (invisible walls and stuff), very strange, and has a difficulty curve that’s akin to the movement of the Thames Barrier in a storm. It plays similar too, being a combo-based brawler.

It’s actually great too, with a totally nuts story and mental characters. In fact, the only issue I have with it so far is that the levels are just too long to play in one sitting. I’ve spent almost three hours on it, and I’ve only completed the second one (that is, Level 1 – there’s a prologue).

Skylanders (360)

We got some more Skylanders. Now we have at least one of each type. So we replayed most of the early levels opening up new paths and stuff. I also played alone to progress the story, and I’m up to Chapter 18 (of, I think, 22), so not far from the end now.

Sonic Adventure 2 (360)

YES! It was on offer on XBLA, so I bought it! And I’m hooked on the Chao Garden all over again. So much so, in fact, that the progress through story mode (just done the Pyramid levels on the Hero side) act merely as places to get more animals and chao drives for my chaos.

Rayman Origins (3DS): COMPLETED!

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A delight from start to finish.

I’ve never been a fan of Rayman games, really. I had the one on the Jaguar, a few of the 3D ones on various consoles, and have played several others. They just seemed more on the Bubsy/Gex level of platforming dullness than Sonic/Mario. Rayman Origins somehow won me over, though.

Maybe it’s a combination of nostalgia, quirkiness, and inventiveness. Who knows.

Today, I completed it. Like most games, completed isn’t the end, and Rayman extends things by including stuff to collect each level. Most levels have three or five electoons up for grabs. You get one for finishing the course, and the rest for getting so many, er, whatever those yellow things are and/or freeing hidden captive electoons en route. Naturally, getting them all isn’t easy, and I’ve only nabbed about 60% of them.

Then there’s some treasure chests you have to chase – one per world, unlocked with the right number of electoons – and I’ve only done two of the ten necessary. Add to that getting a medal in each level, and beating the time trials in each level, and you can see why my “completed” save is still only showing 41% done. Hmm.

I don’t know if I’ll go back. I enjoyed it all, sure, but I can see 100%ing the game is going to be frustrating and repetitive, so I’ll probably step away now.

Rayman Origins (3DS)

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More of this sort of thing, please.

I’m becoming increasingly bored with the way gaming is going. Grim first and third person shooters aren’t what I’m after anymore (or ever was, come to think of it), and games like those on the Megadrive and SNES are missed. Thankfully, there are a few game makers who seem to agree, and things like Rayman Origins happen. Happy fun blue skies platforming, with excellent up to date graphics. That’s what we need!

Bizarrely, I was never really a fan of Rayman. Never liked the Jaguar game, never liked the N64 or Dreamcast games, and only really liked the series at all when the Rabbids took over. No Rabbids here, but that’s not important.

What is important is how fantastic a platformer this is. Varied levels. Difficult sections, but not impossible all of the time. Items just-out-of-reach. Things to collect, but not too many things. A few extra abilities unlocked as you go. Silliness. Awesome music and sound effects. All in 3D on a handheld.

Not really sure what more you could ask for, really. Unless it all goes wrong after the first three worlds – I’m on the third at the moment, you see.

Games I’ve Played Recently

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Roundup time!

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (3DS)

Actually, the GBA version I got as part of the 3DS Ambassador thing. I thought I’d played it before, but I don’t actually remember any of it. It’s very confusing, as there’s no linear progression from level to level (like in Kirby’s Dream Land) or a map where you can replay previous levels (like in Kirby’s Adventure). Instead, there’s a complicated map system where you have to find different exits to access other levels, with occasional mirrors that are found which then leave a permanent link from the main “room” of the game to parts of the map. I suppose it’s a little bit how games like Metroid work, but the map is useless at telling you where you need to go, and it’s too easy to get stuck in a one-way route and have to redo miles of the game before you can try to find another route. I’m sort of enjoying it, but it doesn’t work well with quick bursts of play.

Skyrim (360)

Not progressed much since last time I posted about this, but I have agreed to do some Thieves Guild work (which involves roughing up some locals for money) so started that. I also slaughtered loads of people in the Ratway. I didn’t want to, but they attacked me and things just spiralled into badness. Also: my Flame Atronach is awesome.


Having completed the main game, I was going to go back and collect some more trinkets. However, I got a bit sidetracked with the plethora of other game modes and alternative maps, and so went off and did some of those instead. I also stumbled across some of the “accessibility modes” in the options, so have set the game speed to 60% which makes some of the really hard sections a lot easier. I suppose it’s cheating, but meh – whatdahyahgonnado?

Mario Kart 7 (3DS)

There was a patch for this in the week, so I decided to give it another try online. Had some great games with randoms, and I didn’t even come last most of the time. Unsurprisingly, not a single person chose to play the now-fixed (thanks to the patch) Wuhu Loop track, which certainly made it more varied. I think I was suffering from nasty lag though, as some of the other racers appeared to be invincible to my shells, or seemed to get blown up randomly even though nothing seemed to hit them. That’s my connection though, not the game.

Skylanders (360)

I’ll post more about this another time, but it arrived today and my daughter thinks it’s amazing. I enjoyed the half and hour or so I played it for too, so could be a hit. Glad I got it for about £19 though, not the £60 or whatever it was when it came out last year.

Rayman Origins (Demo) (3DS)

Oh! It looks so lovely!

Assorted Wii Games (Wii)

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A group of friends whiled away the evening running up to New Year by playing on the Wii. Mostly Wii Sports (and on that, mostly baseball and bowling), but also a bit of Rayman Raving Rabbids. It was all ace, and was the first time I’d played two player boxing and tennis. Both roxxored.

And there’s my final entry for the year. How exciting!

Rayman Raving Rabbids (Wii): COMPLETED!

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Two days and two Wii titles finished! This one feels like the first “proper” game on the Wii that I’ve completed, however.

So there was more dancing, shooting, warthog racing, marbles-in-the-brain maze tilting, pulling worms from teeth, barrel bowling (with rabbids as pins), and Super Bunny launching. Amongst other things, anyway. Overall, I’ve only skipped two mini-games (you only need to do three of the four each day to progress, but I’ve done 4 each day bar two), so I think I’ve done pretty well. The ending was a bit rubbish though, but the credits more than made up for it with all the dancing rabbids.

Rayman Raving Rabbids (Wii)

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This game is completely insane. During today’s play, I raced around on the back of a warthog, milked a cow, made rabbits run into cacti, played What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf?, collected pigs as a bat, run round a graveyard shooting plungers at things, danced to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” whilst dressed as a goth, and pounded a bunny’s head in with a hammer. As you do.

It’s a great game, mainly because it is so completely, utterly, nuts.