Resident Evil 4 (Wii): COMPLETED!

Seems the truck bit wasn’t so difficult in the end, although I had virtually no ammo by the end of the first part of the run, so the second bit was done almost entirely with my knife. Soon, Ashley got kidnapped for the 26536th time, and I had to fight with “It” in some caves.

With almost no ammo.

Then there was another “boss” fight: Krauser – who I’m guessing made an appearance in another Resident Evil game that I haven’t progressed very far in. This fight took almost an hour on its own, as he seemed to have stacks of health. Although I’d picked up a pile of ammo before reaching him, I used almost all of it up on him, and so when I reached a stronghold full of infecteds I had none left. Thankfully, Mike in his chopper showed up to give me a hand.

Eventually, I found Ashley again (but not much more ammo), and had to kill two of those huge armoured blokes with big axes using a knife and some flash grenades. Amazing. Then… Saddler! The end of game boss, who was actually pretty easy. Partly because I had so many health items (6 sprays, 6 G+Y+R herb combos, and loads of green herbs, as well as a few eggs), and partly because I’d wisely kept my Broken Butterfly ammo. Oh, and Ada’s rocket launcher helped a little, of course.

Game winned! And very ace it was too.

Resident Evil 4 (Wii)

Finally managed to complete Chapter 5-1, and bought another rifle (just to get some more ammo, really). The rifle came in useful though, as I’d found a scope that let me see the weak spots in the slow moving but nasty spiky recovering things.

Now I’ve got Ashley following me again. Joy. There was also a strange bit where we had to escape down a rubbish chute – the same one I previously chucked baddies down to kill them. So why didn’t we die? Tch.

So, with 5-2 well underway, I died trying to fend off baddies from the back of a big truck driven by Ashley. Another truck crashed into us. Pff.

Resident Evil 4 (Wii)

Chapter 5-1 is the longest chapter evaar. FACT.

I’ve wandered round the outside of the island, gained entry to a research lab, killed loads of baddies that can re-grow body parts, found Ashley (again) but can’t reach her yet, and have almost run out of ammo far too many times. I’ve taken almost two hours on this chapter alone (more than twice as long as any previous chapter), and it still isn’t over yet.

Resident Evil 4 (Wii)

OK, so I’ve completed Chapter 4-4 (that’s all of 4 done now), and I’m out of the castle. There was a huge Salazar statue that (as suspected) “came to life” and chased me, then there was a climb up a huge tower, complete with Donkey Kong homage, and finally a fight with Salazar and his “other” hand man, who combined with a big slimey thing.

Well, I say a fight, but in reality it was easy. I stood still, went for the weak spots with my Broken Butterfly, and after about 6 hits he was dead. I didn’t even get hit. Or nearly hit. In fact, he didn’t even appear to attack. Amazing.

After all that, the woman in the red dress (Ada?) appeared again and gave me a lift across to an island for Chapter 5-1, some of which I played but died before getting to a save point.

Resident Evil 4 (Wii)

Two more chapters down, don’t know how many to go because they’re not consistent when it comes to the numbering…

Anyway, I seem to have ended up in some mines. With (dahn dahn daaaaahni!) a mine cart “level”! I’m also horribly short of ammo (although health is doing fine), and was so short on space I’ve sold my TMP and shotgun, but bought a Striker (which is better than a shotgun, but smaller). I seem to have a million grenades.

Oh, and I had to kill loads of flies on a section that reminded me of the underground hives on Earth Defence Force 2017, and kill not one, but two giants, although I dropped one into a fiery pit. Now, I seem to be entering another castle. Or the same one, again?

Resident Evil 4 (Wii)

Ah! I have keeeeled heeeem. Mainly by luck rather than skill, as he had his back to me at the beginning and so I could blast the plagas thing on it quickly to see him off. I then had to deal with some monks around the outside of the cage, but they were easy.

Eventually, I found Ashley again, protected her from some more monks, and then had to play a whole chapter as her. The Ashley Chapter was pretty rubbish, as she had no weapons at all and basically just had to run and hide a lot. And throw lanterns at things. And press switches a lot. And run from suits of armour that came to life. Ho hum. She was reunited with Leon soon enough though.

But not for long. Some giant fly things nabbed her. Tch.

And then I fell in a big hole, and had to kill Salazar’s right hand man (oh, there was a joke in the dialogue about Salazar’s hand being detachable) who was nails, until I realised what the liquid nitrogen canisters were for… Chapter completed!

Resident Evil 4 (Wii)

Another chapter down! I’ve made my way through a sewer with giant insects in it, loads of monk things and killed a goat-headed monk in red, found a treasure chest that rose from the ground having hit a switch, and then moved on to outside the castle again, and into and through a maze.

Then, I entered a bedroom, had a bit of a scuffle with Ada, and completed the chapter. I’ve now solved a puzzle where I had to shoot a particular bit of a painting, and found I couldn’t kill that Wolverine/Voldo character when trapped in a cage with him. Hmm.

Resident Evil 4 (Wii)

Managed two chapters today. To start with, I had to choose a path – either a giant to kill or a group of something else. I took the giant route. Eventually, I found a barn with the evil bloke who’d almost killed me previously in, and killed him (and the thing he turned into!), and then found a castle with Ashley.

It took many attempts to get through the castle courtyard, as I kept being firebombed or Ashley go kidnapped again, but finally made it inside. And now Ashley has been actually kidnapped again because she ran into a trap. Tch. Looks like I’ll have to go and get her again, yes?

Oh, and the castle seems to be run by a midget dressed as a 17th Century French lord or something. As you do.

Resident Evil 4 (Wii)

Stopping Ashley from being killed hasn’t been too difficult so far. I tended to leave her at the start of each new area, went ahead clearing a path (of both baddies and mantraps), and then returned for her. Then we came across an old house and lots and lots of baddies outside, and Luis inside to help us dispatch them all.

Then Luis did a runner, and the end of Chapter 2-2 was reached!

Resident Evil 4 (Wii)

Erk. There was a big giant thing that could rip up trees and pound my face! I had no idea how to kill it, and hiding in the nearby huts to shoot at it was a bad idea, as it just pounded through the roof and splatted me. A wolf did appear to help, seemingly paying me back for saving it from a trap near the start of the game, but all it could do was bark at it.

Instead I took a different route and ended up back at the lake, meeting some nasty baddies with tentacles coming out of their heads, and some wolves. I also bought some more upgrades for my guns from the shop keeper freak, and then attempted the giant again. It seems the handgun has actually the best weapon as (having upgraded it a bit) it was quick to fire off enough rounds to knock him down, so I could jump on it’s back and slash at the thing in it’s neck.

After all that, I made it back to the church, which I could now enter as I had the required item. Solved a (very simple) puzzle, and rescued Ashley. Oh joy – it’s now an escort mission. Gah!

Resident Evil 4 (Wii)

Really getting into this now. I’m constantly worried I’m going to get into a situation where I have no ammo and/or health though, so I’m keeping all my saves. Speaking of saves, they’re bizarrely spaced out, aren’t they? Some are right at the beginning of the chapter, when you’ve just saved anyway, and others are 30 minutes or more apart. Strange.

Anyway. I’ve made it back to the village, and killed more baddies there, then entered what I assumed was the church only to find it was actually a secret passageway to the actual church (and there was that dodgy shopkeeper in the tunnel – I bought a bigger attaché case from him), where I solved some puzzle to get a gem. Then it was off through a swampy bit with more baddies, and finally (for Chapter 1 at least) I had to kill a giant fish.

Resident Evil 4 (Wii)

Well, this is something different, isn’t it? I’ve played Resident Evil games before, of course. All of them, to some degree or another (apart from Zero I think), but never very far in as the controls have always killed it for me. That and the horrific loading times on the Saturn version.

I was always intending to buy this for the Gamecube, but for one reason or another never did. The new control scheme (or rather, camera angle – the controls actually remained largely the same) and lack of loading issues made me think about getting back into the series. However, then the Wii came out and, well – here I am with the “updated” RE4.

First impressions then. Graphically, it is quite amazing. Especially when you consider it’s little more than a widescreen version of the Gamecube game in that respect. Yeah, there’s a lot of grey and brown (which normally makes games look bland), but it still looks great. The controls are… novel. Nothing controls quite how you expect: the pointer doesn’t change the direction you look in. The trigger doesn’t fire the gun. There’s no strafe control. I’m getting used to it, and the new camera angle means the RE tank controls of the past fit much better here, it it’s still a little odd.

No scares yet, as I’m in “expect something to try to eat me at every possible opportunity” mode at the moment. I’ve had a couple of run-ins with “the big cheese” (do people really say that?), but he hasn’t killed me as we “share the same blood” or something. I have been injected with some purple stuff and what looked like a very small pill. Oh, and I’ve had a “Welcome, Stranger!”. Ace. Almost two hours in, and I’m only just starting Chapter 1-3. Yeah, I’m probably slow.