Lego Rock Band (360): COMPLETED!

There are still lots of gigs to do, and I only have around half of the 1000 possible stars, but I completed the story today.

There’s not a lot else to say about it, really, apart from that the finale track was a bit poor compared to The Final Countdown (which could have the the finale, only they added a bit more game onto the end).

I’d also like to know why every single time I play a random setlist gig, I have to play that Counting Crows track. Every. Single. Time.

Lego Rock Band (360)

This is pretty much all I’ve played since it arrived on Friday. The first thing I’d like to point out is this: Lego Rock Band is 896896347286463 times better than Guitar Hero World Tour. The game’s Story Mode structure is great, it’s funny, and – most importantly – the track list is excellent. World Tour’s is just pants.

Of course, the tracks in Lego Rock Band are more “mainstream”, and not just obscure B-sides from 1970s dinosaurs.

Really enjoying it so far, and have just shy of 300 stars. I’ve mainly been playing guitar, but have done a few vocal tracks (two while trying to play guitar at the same time – it didn’t go well) and a few bass tracks.

Makes my left hand ache somewhat, though.