Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse – Episode 1 (PS3): COMPLETED!

Since Minecraft: Story Mode was disappointingly adventure game free, I was in the mood to play a proper one. Luckily, I picked up the whole series of Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse some time ago, so it was all there ready to go.

And it’s so much better than the other game. There are actual puzzles. People to properly talk to. Items to find, combine, use and so on. And no QTEs or combat! Excellent.

In this series, which continues on pretty much directly from the previous one (good lord – was that really nearly six years ago?!), Max has gained psychic powers, each enabled by a Toy of Power. There’s one to let him see the future – just enough to hint at a solution to something but not necessarily solve it – and one to teleport to any telephone he has the number for. It makes for some clever and unusual puzzle solutions, not least the one where you have to get rid of a gorilla from outside a building.

As before, it’s pretty funny too. Even Sam just slapping Max out of the way all the time never gets old.

Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space: Episode 4 (360): COMPLETED

That was ace.

By far the best of the series. Unless Episode 5 beats it, of course. Loved Superball again, mainly because he’s so deadpan. The mariachis were all sorts of amaze, and the Max/Ms Bosco “relationship” was fantastic. The baby making machine, and the various possible Bosco outcomes awesome too.

And, best of all, it relied upon proper, logical puzzles instead of try everything on everything puzzles. Yay!

Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space: Episode 3 (360): COMPLETED

Thankfully, this was much better than the previous episode. By several orders of magnitude. The puzzles were far better this time around, and Jurgen is amazing. He was just like you’d expect a gay emo Euro-vampire to be.

I’m starting to notice, however, that every task in every game seems to be made up of three mini-tasks. I’m not the only one to notice, either – even Max makes a comment about it!

Nice to see Superball back too. He was one of my favourite characters from the first “series”. Way better than the irritating Soda Poppers, who – thankfully – haven’t been spotted since Episode 1 of this series. Phew!

Made a start on Episode 4 after 3 too, and it’s been even better so far!

Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space: Episode 2 (360): COMPLETED

It’s been a while, but I went back to this today.

Unfortunately, I found it a bit of a slog. I know the puzzles on previous Sam & Max games have been more than a little, uh, obtuse, but I was finding this one even more illogical than before and it took ages to get through. It also wasn’t as funny as other episodes, and although I spent longer on it due to not knowing what to do, it was actually a lot shorter in terms of number of things that needed doing. If that makes sense.

Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space: Episode 1 (360): COMPLETED

With Back to the Future out of the way, I really needed to do more Telltale point-and-clicky stuff. I’ve been after Season 2 of Sam & Max for the Wii for ages, but it was delayed and delayed, and then when it finally did come out, immediately went out of stock everywhere never to return. So I sucked it up and got it on XBLA instead.

It follows on pretty much from the end of the last episode of the first season, with Sam’s office in much the same, perhaps worse, state. Unlike Back to the Future, it’s a proper point and click, so the controls actually work here. Unlike Back to the Future, and just like the first season of Sam & Max, the puzzles are bizarre and the solutions obscure, so although it wasn’t exactly a long game, saving Christmas from a possessed Santa (yeah, that’s the plot) did take a fair while due to getting stuck a few times.

Sam & Max: Season One (Wii): COMPLETED!

All six episodes too! All done! Hurrah!

It was very good. There were a few puzzles that didn’t seem to have logical solutions, and the “end boss” was a real pain and had me stuck for about an hour, but I figured it out eventually.

Over all, very funny, enjoyable, and I’m certainly looking forward to Season Two when it’s released in a couple of weeks.

Sam & Max: Season One (Wii)

This is pretty much all I’ve played all week (aside from some iPhone games and a bit of Shadow Complex), and I completed Episode 5 yesterday. That means there’s only one episode left.

It’s been really good so far. Marred ever so slightly by the reuse of a load of Strong Bad sound effects (in episode 5), but not really something game-breaking.

Hopefully the next Monkey Island game will be out before I finish the final episode here!

Sam & Max Season One (Wii)

Started and completed the first episode of this today. It’s funny – very funny – but then I expected nothing else coming from the same people who did the Strong Bad and recent Monkey Island games.

I’d not played the original Sam & Max, so wasn’t really sure what to expect, and although I get the feeling I’m missing a few of the references to that game, I’m not bothered by it.

I got stuck a few times, mainly because I missed items I hadn’t seen, and also because I hadn’t realised the driving minigame was actually necessary. Sorted it out eventually though, and made a start on Episode Two.