Super Random Saturn Game Festival Of Strange (Saturn)

I fished out a load more Saturn games this evening. They included 2DO Arukotowa Sandoahru, which is a totally bizarre Wario Ware sort of game. You have to do lots of strange minigames to defeat foes. Things like Match The Easter Island Heads (why to the Japanese love Easter Island heads in their strange games?), Shoot The Meat In Half To Feed Two Lions, and The Fish Game That I Have No Idea How To Play. It’s fantastic, and seems to star close relations to Mobo and Robo from Bonanza Bros. Obscure!

Also, I played Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands, and a couple of awful Dragonball Z-that’s-Zed-not-Zee titles. Amazing.

NiGHTS (Saturn)

Noes! What went wrong? NiGHTS is supposed to be great, and yet… it wasn’t!

I finished the first “dream” for each kid, and killed the first boss on Claris’ dream and failed to kill fat bouncy woman on Elliot’s dream, but the boss fights were fine – it’s the main dream levels that seem to have lost something.

Of course, I wasn’t playing with the “3D” (i.e. analogue) pad, which didn’t help, but I was just getting overly frustrated with it. I couldn’t see the difference between some of the Nightopians and the baddies. I was annoyed that I couldn’t tell which hoops were background, and which I was to fly through. I was irritated by the popup and jerkiness. I hated the on-foot controls. All in all, pretty nasty.

But I did get some fun, and with an analogue pad it’d be way easier to control, but this isn’t the game I remember so fondly.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Saturn)

Played this some more with my wife. I realised (or rather, re-realised) what the “Counter Gem” pattern does. It’s the pattern of gems that fall on your opponent’s screen when you send gems their way. Knowing the pattern your opponent has chosen is handy, and you can actually use it to your advantage by placing gems in places where counter gems will land and match up.


Saturn Bomberman (Saturn)

Best Bomberman ever? Of course. It has all the greatness of the SNES incarnations, but with the addition of extra battle maps, characters, and best of all, simultaneous players. Ten, in fact.

Thing is, there was only me and the wife, so ten seemed a bit of overkill. We started with five instead (three CPU players, if maths isn’t your strong point), and after a few rounds bumped it up to eight.

However, I eventually set it to wide-mode and the full ten. Oh my. It hurts the eyes even on a proper widescreen 32″ TV. God only knows the ocular damage I suffered when younger, playing it on a 4:3 20″ TV.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Saturn)

Probably the best two player puzzle game ever made. Ever. Even better that Puzzle Bobble or Puyo Puyo, in my opinion, and my opinion is Right and Good.

So I played it with my wife this evening, with me winning most of the rounds, and there being rather too many incidents of just-about-to-die suddenly becoming I’M WINNER! Which is always ace.

Digital Pinball (Saturn)

It’s still Retro Week on ugvm, and having spent the last few days on NES titles, I thought I’d move over to Saturn games today. First up, the lovely Digital Pinball.

Sadly, the saved games on my Saturn have long since vanished, so I had no high scores to attempt. I launched (see?) straight into the Gladiators table, as it’s the best one. “I’m coming for ya, you’d best be ready for me!”, “ESS! PEE! QUEUE! ARR!”, “MUH-MUH-MUH-MUH-MULTIBALL!” and so on. Aces.

And it is too. More so than I recall, actually. Perhaps that has something to do with having a 32″ TV now, and a proper RGB cable instead of the RF one I used to use?

Scores? Well, I managed 915,000,000-ish. I seem to recall I used to get in the region of 4,000,000,000, though. Bah.