Lego Dimensions: The Simpsons (PS4): COMPLETED!

This self-contained level follows, more or less, the episode of The Simpsons with the chilli cook-off in it. So Homer has to get there, taste various chillis, then have his weird psychotic episode where there’s a coyote and a golf shop and the sun breaks. Then there’s a lighthouse.

the simpsons

You know the episode. Everyone knows the episode.

In Lego Dimensions, there are obviously changes and bits missing, but it’s pretty good regardless. For those keeping count so far:

Adventure Time > Simpsons > Back to the Future

The Simpsons Game (360): COMPLETED!

After yesterday’s play, there was actually just one level remaining: Heaven. And oh. My.

If the previous levels were funny, this was twice that. Or more. From having to beat God at Dance Dance Revolution, to God saying “Oh f–“, to God saying he’ll do anything to get his Oblivion save game back as he was on the end boss.

I don’t think I’ve ever played a game as funny as this. Yeah, there are nasty control and camera issues, and yeah, it’s nothing new, and yeah – a few levels are just crap. But the writing and the presentation and the characters and all that are astounding.

The Simpsons Game (360)

I finished the remaining game-parody levels in The Game Engine today. I loved the Gauntlet and Joust sections of NeverQuest. “Save keys to open doors!” was amazing. Medal of Homer was better than I was anticipating too, especially the way they called the French “cheese eating surrender monkeys”.

Then it was into Matt Groening’s mansion. Oh my. It was a boss battle, but was amazing! From his dig at Seth “Family Guy” MacFarlane, to the way he kept drawing Bender and Zoidberg characters to come and attack you. Seriously, actually hilarious to play.

The Simpsons Game (360)

Started, played, and completed the Grand Theft Scratchy level. It was OK, although a little repetitive. Once again however, the references improve things tenfold. There’s the way the level starts in a close-enough replica of Grove Street from GTA San Andreas. Then there’s the Missile Command subgame. And the fact that Poochy is the end of level boss.

And, of course, Marge yelling “all my bitches” and stuff. Amaze.

The Simpsons Game (360)

I bought this yesterday, in a deal where I got this and Mass Effect for £22.50, which was pretty good. It’s also the only thing I’ve played (so far) this weekend.

First of all, I should point out that as a game, it’s nothing new. It suffers from the same irritations as most cheap and crap platformers (wonky camera, dodgy controls, item collection, and so on). However, it knows this. It even takes the michael out of itself as a result, partly in the form of collectable “video game clichés” and partly in the in-game dialogue.

And it’s here that the game really impresses. It’s funny. Really actually funny. It lampoons films, games, The Simpsons TV series, and even itself, and it does it well enough to carry the game past the usual platformer flaws. The levels are surprisingly varied too, making it very easy to keep on playing.

So far, I’ve made it past all the levels set in Springfield, and am now in The Game Engine, working through the game send-ups there. I’ve done the Super Happy Happy Fun Game one, which references Katamari Damacy, Every JRPG Ever, and Pokémon, amongst other things.

Stand out moments so far: Donkey Kong’s Terminator 2 style death, Will Wright saying “I’m Will Wright, bitch!”, Sonic the Hedgehog on a running wheel being used to generate power, and Mayor Quimby getting bribed by EA to allow their game to go on sale. And virtually everything Comic Book Guy says – “That’s a quote from Final Fantasy IX”, for instance.

So yeah, I’m enjoying it.

EDIT: Oh! And one of the Comic Book Guy’s sumo blokes dying and screaming “TETSUOOOOOOOOOOO!” had me in stitches.

The Simpsons (Demo) (360)

It’s a fight against Lard Lad! It has a “par time” of 4 minutes! It took me 28!

It is, however, AMAZING, and I’m almost certainly going to be buying the full game.