MySims (Wii)

With skate. done and dusted, I was going to move on to something new, but then realised how many old games I still have uncompleted, and saw this on the shelf.

I was at just-over-4-stars previously, and today spent almost two hours barely improving on that. I think the bar is now at around 20% full, rather than 10%. Mostly spent the time prospecting for stuff and growing trees, but also moved a fortune teller in, and completed tasks for her and Goth Boy (who is now “complete”). Also moved in Master Aran, and made him some furniture.

I now need to find skeletons. They’re in the desert, apparently, but I can’t find any.

MySims (Wii)

Four stars get! After spending some time finishing off the arcade cabinets for Vic Vector (and being disappointed that despite their varying themes, they all only played Plane vs Eye), and providing the sushi chef with a karaoke machine, I was awarded the fourth star. Hurrah!

I could then “unlock” the padlocks on assorted doors, letting me explore some new areas, like the scrap car yard, the beach (where I spent ages fishing) and a few more caves. I managed to find some spiders too, so I could finish the bed that Goth Boy wanted me to build, but then he asked for a bath as well!

MySims (Wii)

Today’s play was a frenzy of building items for people. Lots of items. Lots and lots of items. Sadly, not enough items though, as I still haven’t reached a 4 star rating.

It didn’t help that I had to go and find a billion octopuseseseseii, and they’re pretty rare, coming up out one time in ten when you’re fishing in the lake. Anyway, Ms Nicole is fully sorted, and I think (hope!) that Sushi Chef and Vic Vector are both asking for their final items, as I’ve made fahzands for each already.

Three arcade cabinets, says Vic! WHAT

MySims (Wii)

I got loads done on this today, but my “score” didn’t alter at all. I think it only goes up when you’re created everything a specific resident has asked you for, that’s the only explanation.

So I moved two more people in (the sushi chef and Vic Vector, the arcade guy who is ACE and says “Oh noes!”), built loads of items for Goth Boy, Ms. Nicole, the sushi chef and Vic, explored a bit more (finding chess piece trees!), propected for video games (as you do) and cut down and planted loads of trees.

MySims (Wii)

Hmm. I really should get round to scanning the box in for this. And adding it to my Museum. But anyway.

Spent about an hour or so mainly just moving new people in. I put everyone (that is, Ms Nicole, Goth Boy and Matt) in the desert, mainly because I’m running out of space in the town. Planted a couple of trees in the desert too.

I then set about pleasing my new residents. Everyone seemed to want beds, so I made lots of beds. Goth Boy also wanted a sofa, so I completely deviated from the blueprint to do an acebest sofa for him, made out of pure sadness. Seriously. Actually, I don’t know why he’s called “Goth Boy” because he’s clearly Emo and not Goth, but you can’t expect EA to know the difference, can you?

MySims (Wii)

Didn’t move anyone in today, and didn’t make much in the way of furniture either. I was far too distracted with growing trees and exploring with the use of my new pickaxe, which allowed me to access new areas, including a cave containing pumpkin, black apple, eyeball and ghost trees (yes, ghosts grow on trees now) as well as the whole desert area.

I did, however, create a sink and a bath for Bee Girl (who does have a real name – Roxie Roads – but I keep forgetting it).

MySims (Wii)

I’ve spent almost 8 hours on this now, and today reached a Three Star town rating. Hurrah! Moved a few more people in, including Bee Woman (who has a real name, but she is a woman, dressed as a bee) who has an ice cream shop, and Gordon (who looks like Gordon Freeman from Half-Life. He likes books.

Built each of them a few items of furniture, and found in the process of prospecting for Gingerbread Men (for Bee Woman) that the time of day affects what you find.

I also found a ghost! At first, I thought it was just some sort of graphical glitch, but it appeared again and tried to actually scare me. Amazing!

MySims (Wii)

Or “MySims™” as the Wii’s play log lists it.

Just played for about another hour or so, building stuff for people. Finished everything that DJ Candy and Sir Vincent wanted (a mixing deck and a sarcophagus respectively), and went round all my trees collecting fruit and flower essences. I then decided to demolish my house and rebuild it with the extra building blocks I now have, which are far more exciting than the ones I had built it with originally.

MySims (Wii)

Two Star Rating GET! Completed a few more tasks for Gino the Chef, and then moved in the bloke who runs the museum. A museum with very few exhibits, in fact, so I had to “create” some for him. Also built Poppy another flower stand.

For reaching two stars, I was given a saw, so I could get into the forest area. This gave me access to a few new trees (like the Rose and Orange trees – yes, I know roses don’t grow on trees – try telling EA that) and some more areas for prospecting. Prospecting for bacon and cake, in fact. Amazing.

Heading back to the hotel to check for new people, I found a pile of them gagging to move into Cheese (the name of my town, just like in Animal Crossing). Moved three in, including “DJ Candy”, a DJ who asked me to build “Club Candy” for her. Time to stop moving people in, and start completing tasks for them, I think!

MySims (Wii)

With Super Paper Mario completed, I can move on to something else. Admittedly, this wasn’t going to be the next game I was going to tackle, as I was planning on starting Bioshock, but I wasn’t in the mood for shooty-watery-FPS-ness, and MySims was sat on the coffee table waiting for me…

So today, I progressed as far as gaining a One Star rating for the town. This was achieved by creating a podium for the Mayor (out of apples), building a new pizza resturant for the chef to move in to, and making lots of furniture for Poppy the flower shop owner and the chef. I also got a crowbar, which let me into The Great Video Game Mines, where I went prospecting for, well, video games. Amazing scenes.

MySims (Wii)

Time quota critical! Game bail! Game bail! Wii explosion imminent! Abandon console!

I have hit the Giant Brick Wall of Too Many Games. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had Super Paper Mario, Bioshock, Sonic Rush Adventure, Mario Party 8, Phoenix Wright 3 and now MySims all arrive. None are especially short. I don’t have time! Gah!

Especially since I can see MySims becoming the huge time drain that it’s spiritual ancestors The Sims, Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon were. And my wife likes it too, and we can’t both play at once. Unless I get the DS version too… NO! BAD THOUGHT.

So the game then. I’ve only played it for about an hour (as someone wanted to play it…), so I’ve not got that far in. I built myself a house and a workshop, put together a new chair, collected some Essences (apples, mainly), fished a bit, and got my metal detector out for a bit of treasure digging.

Firstly, the bad: There’s a lot of loading, but most of streams – this does make the Wii drive squeal a bit and makes the game a little jerky. The building process is a bit tricky too, as you need to be really careful with positioning things as they have a tendency to “snap to” other things.

The good: Oh, it is cute. Very cute. It’s also frighteningly addictive.