Skyrim (360): COMPLETED!

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SkyrimAfter 70-ish hours play, it was time to end the main quest. Not because I’ve had enough or run out of things to do, but just because I wanted to move on to other games for a bit and thought it best to finish off the story rather than leave it hanging.

This involved some diplomacy, capturing a dragon, then being whisked off to Sovngarde (via an area full of billions of high-level draugr, and I’d stupidly forgotten to bring my Dawnbreaker sword along to easily kill them – tch) where the final battle with Alduin took place.

He was easy. Really, really easy.

In fact, he was far easier than the previous time you meet him and smack him about a bit. This was slightly disappointing, but anyway.

And that’s it for now! Story complete (with about 80 hours on the clock), but around 70 quests still open for completion. And I really should return this skeleton key to finish off the Thieves Guild questline at some point, I suppose…

Skyrim (360)

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SkyrimI think I may have finished the Dark Brotherhood questline. In that a big event happened where the poo hits the spinning blades, and then I finished up the main contract. I got an achievement, and then was given what seems to be a generic contract, so I suspect that’s it for story. It was great though.

After dealing with all that, I went and got married. Since I’d proposed* to $hlmun people, I didn’t know which I’d marry, but it seems it’s the last one you proposed to that you “get”. So Ysolda from Whiterun is now my wife. She’s very good, making meals on demand, earning money for me, and generally being out during the day when I bring cheap whores home.

Actually getting married was a chore, as I ran into a bug. Turns out that if you enter the Temple of Mara to get married whilst the ghost of Lucian Lechance is following you, nothing happens. You’re supposed to talk to Maramal, but you can’t. After waiting around for hours, my bride-to-be got the hump and told me she didn’t want to see me again, before storming off. Many reloads happened before I accidentally stumbled across why the next bit wouldn’t trigger. Tch.

* I say proposed, but the exchange is:

Me: Interested in me are you?
Person I’ve just met: Yes.
Me: Let’s get married then.
Person I’ve just met: OK!

Skyrim (360)

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SkyrimI’m mainly doing stuff for the Dark Brotherhood at the moment. I was going to finish the Thieves Guild questline, but then realised that an item I had from that – a skeleton key – was far too awesome. It’s an unbreakable lockpick! I ain’t giving that back (which is what the final task for that particular questline seems to imply I need to do) just yet!

As well as murdering seemingly random people for apparently no (or rubbish) reason, I’ve also been playing Super Inventory Manager, which is my favourite OCD gaming experience. It involves sorting all my different types of items into different cupboards in my house, making sure each and every weapon and piece of armour is as improved as possible (and then enchanted), and trying to minimise the amount I’m carrying to just the thirteen essential weapons, two full armour sets, and 97 necessary potions I’ll never use.

Then I killed some dragons, and started soul capturing deer. As you do.

Skyrim (360)

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SkyrimRecently on Skyrim! Another dragon slain! Lexicon returned! Dravin’s Bow given back to Dravin! Dude Where’s My Car questline completed! The Mind of Pelagius III entered and finished! And more!

Amazed I’ve actually finished off more quests than I started. Just about. The Pelagius III quest in particular was standout – bringing back the dodgy Sheogorath bloke from The Shivering Isles expansion from Oblivion. He was awesome.

I’m level 22 now too, if you’re keeping tabs.

Games I’ve Been Playing Recently

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Yes! It’s another lazy game-play-roundup-post! You know you love them! Oh, and before I get into that, a little bit of housekeeping: I’ve added my Raptr feed to the sidebar. Exciting!

Skyrim (360)

Somehow I got sidetracked from what I presume is the last quest in the Thieves Guild plotline (it’s easy to do – I talk to everyone and most people give me quests, so I’ve over 60 open now)  and ended up finding some more dwarven ruins en-route to returning “the Lexicon”. Not finished it yet, but having ghostly people to follow is very Assassin’s Creed.

Sonic CD (360)

I’d wanted this as soon as it came out, but even though it was only 400 moon points I knew it’d drop lower eventually. And it did – to 200. Played it this week, and it’s still just as fantastic and glorious as ever. Well, nearly – it has the wrong music (the “right” music being Toot Toot Sonic Warrior, of course), but everything else is well and good and lovely. Can’t do the special stages though – they’re too hard.

Heroes of Ruin (Demo) (3DS)

I’ve never played Diablo, but apparently, this is a clone of it. A bit. It’s very good, and I really want the full game now! Completed the demo as the gunslinger, and really got into the OCD collect-y nature of it. Moar please.

Skyrim (360)

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SkyrimPlayed this a LOT over the weekend. And don’t feel like I’ve actually progressed much at all. Sure, I’ve got the Eyes of Whatsit from the dwarven ruins, and killed the guy who betrayed everyone, but aside from taking some things I’d picked up along the way to various people to finish some side quests, that seems to be all.

Why it took so long, I don’t know.

Stats fans! I’m about 38 hours in, on level 21. Hurrah!

Skyrim (360)

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After a week or so away, it was back to the Thieves Guild to carry on that questline. I’d just reached Goldenglow, and wiped out everything there. After that, it was off to the Honningbrew Meadery for rat-and-spider killings for fun and profit. Oh, and poisoning the captain of the guard. What roffles.

Upon returning to Maven Black-Briar to inform her I’d done her deeds, I bumped into a guy at the pub she was in. He challenged me to a drinking contest. I accepted. Then I blacked out and woke up in a church.

And so began the Elder Scrolls version of “Dude, Where’s My Car?”. Which is AWESOME.

From what I can make out so far, it seems that while I was drunk I stole a goat, sold it to a giant, killed the giant, borrowed an engagement ring, and arranged to get married to someone or something. I suspect the goat, but we shall see.

I’m also carrying a giant’s toe.


Games I’ve Played Recently

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Roundup time!

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (3DS)

Actually, the GBA version I got as part of the 3DS Ambassador thing. I thought I’d played it before, but I don’t actually remember any of it. It’s very confusing, as there’s no linear progression from level to level (like in Kirby’s Dream Land) or a map where you can replay previous levels (like in Kirby’s Adventure). Instead, there’s a complicated map system where you have to find different exits to access other levels, with occasional mirrors that are found which then leave a permanent link from the main “room” of the game to parts of the map. I suppose it’s a little bit how games like Metroid work, but the map is useless at telling you where you need to go, and it’s too easy to get stuck in a one-way route and have to redo miles of the game before you can try to find another route. I’m sort of enjoying it, but it doesn’t work well with quick bursts of play.

Skyrim (360)

Not progressed much since last time I posted about this, but I have agreed to do some Thieves Guild work (which involves roughing up some locals for money) so started that. I also slaughtered loads of people in the Ratway. I didn’t want to, but they attacked me and things just spiralled into badness. Also: my Flame Atronach is awesome.


Having completed the main game, I was going to go back and collect some more trinkets. However, I got a bit sidetracked with the plethora of other game modes and alternative maps, and so went off and did some of those instead. I also stumbled across some of the “accessibility modes” in the options, so have set the game speed to 60% which makes some of the really hard sections a lot easier. I suppose it’s cheating, but meh – whatdahyahgonnado?

Mario Kart 7 (3DS)

There was a patch for this in the week, so I decided to give it another try online. Had some great games with randoms, and I didn’t even come last most of the time. Unsurprisingly, not a single person chose to play the now-fixed (thanks to the patch) Wuhu Loop track, which certainly made it more varied. I think I was suffering from nasty lag though, as some of the other racers appeared to be invincible to my shells, or seemed to get blown up randomly even though nothing seemed to hit them. That’s my connection though, not the game.

Skylanders (360)

I’ll post more about this another time, but it arrived today and my daughter thinks it’s amazing. I enjoyed the half and hour or so I played it for too, so could be a hit. Glad I got it for about £19 though, not the £60 or whatever it was when it came out last year.

Rayman Origins (Demo) (3DS)

Oh! It looks so lovely!

Skyrim (360)

So since I last played, I’ve made my way to Windhelm (although didn’t do much there apart from get roped into a quest for an orphan who is a psycho), and then onto Winterhold from there. In Winterhold I joined Hogwarts, and went excavating some ruins or something. Read about zleventybillion books in the college, and then headed back to Whiterun for a bit.

I then realised that somewhere along the way, I’ve lost Lydia. No idea where, but I think the last time I saw her was when I was attacked by a dragon. She’s probably dead, but there’s no way of knowing if she is, or if it’s just a bug or something. Oh well.

I then went over to Riften, via a few mills and villages, and got attacked by a lot of bears and spiders. In Riften I completed a couple of quests, including killing the evil orphanage ruler for PsychoBoy, and now I’ve been given The Black Hand note. I think this is going to kick off the Dark Brotherhood questline.

I think I’ve also started a Thieves’ Guild one too, having stolen a ring and planted it on someone, as requested by some other guy in Riften.

I also now have 986289150962357 open quests. I will complete them all. YES.

Finally: I have no idea what I’m doing in the primary story quest any more. Or even which quest is the primary story quest.

Skyrim (360)

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Unlike previous Bethesda RPG titles for the 360, which I had to get IMMEDIATELY, even paying through the nose for the special editions (£70 for Fallout New Vegas? YES.), I couldn’t warrant the £120 the Skyrim special edition was. Especially since the vanilla versions of all the other games were down to £15 two or three months after release. I was still excited, though, even if the price barely dropped.

And so it came to pass, that last week I bought some cheap games from one shop, took them straight to Game to trade in for £10 for more than I paid for them, and walked out with Skyrim for a net spend of £17. Bargainlicious.

Is it good? No. It’s awesome.

I was a bit concerned that, after Fallout and New Vegas, I wasn’t going to get on with the lack of VATS combat, no guns, and no excellent 1950s radio station. I mean, I loved Oblivion, but things have moved on. Thankfully, it has been nothing but amazing so far. The combat is fine. Dual-wielding magic and swords feels great, and picking every flower, berry and mushroom is a wonderful return to Oblivion OCDness. I don’t even need them as I’m not really going the alchemy route. Not yet, anyway.

What I am doing is trying to stick to the main story. What I’m also doing is failing this, having deviated to find some dragon claw or something at some old Nord temple just 50 minutes into the game. Oh well.

I’ve slain my first dragon, learned some Words of Power (shouting at things can kill them? uh…) and done lots and lots of turning iron daggers into fine iron daggers. Oh yeah, I’m a blacksmith as well as a magician swordfighter who can destroy by shouting. Lovely.

Oh, and the Nord accents? Utterly superb in their rubbishness. Some of them are the worst Norwegians ever! It doesn’t matter, of course.