Densetsu no Stafi 2 (GBA): COMPLETED!

World 11 was, in fact, the final world. Dark Castle and all!

As expected of the final world, many of the levels sort of repeated some of the puzzles and routines of previous levels, although obviously mixed up a bit. Thankfully, there was no SuckySuck(TM) bit either. The end boss, however, did do the usual trick of dying, only to change form and regain all his energy – twice. I wasn’t too bothered though, as each form was very different, none were especially hard, and if you died (and I did three or four times) you didn’t have to start from the beginning again. And you healed fully after each transformation too, making it fair. Hurrah, eh?

And then it was all over. I killed his final form, rescued someone who appeared to be my dad (a previous starfish “hero”, it seems), and banished the boss to a pot with a face on. However, my clam friend accidentally dropped the pot during the end of game sequence and let him out again. Tch.

Overall then, it was a great little platformer. It had a few irritations, e.g lots of similar sections – the dragon flying, balloon riding, fish surfing, and koala jumping bits especially – were reused a lot, albeit differently each time. Also, some of the puzzles were impossible to solve due to being in Japanese, but luckily trial-and-error won through. That’s not really the game’s fault, obviously, but why haven’t Nintendo released any of the Stafi series (of which there are four games) over in the UK? Now I just need to find copies of 1 and 3 in the set, and play through 4 on the DS!

Densetsu no Stafi 2 (GBA)

It seems that World 8 (my next “most likely last level”) wasn’t the final world either, even though it was a castle. It was actually the castle of goodies, not baddies, so clearly there was more to do.

I’ve got a few more power-ups now too – a double jump (finally!), and a more powerful, and faster, dash-spin-kill attack thing. Of course, the game fights back to negate some of these when it can with stronger water currents, wind, and higher platforms. As is the way with platformers!

World 10 wasn’t the final world either, so my Platform Game Senses would dictate that World 12 would be the next likely candidate, but World 11 (which I’ve reached but not started) is a giant dark castle, seemingly set in space. Double whammy! Pretty much has to be the final world now, yes?

Densetsu no Stafi 2 (GBA)

Didn’t play this for that long today, although I did manage to get as far as World 6-3. It’s still not getting very difficult, but it’s slowly getting more complicated, if you see what I mean. The puzzles (and most levels have at least one) are getting more involved, and I’ve had to solve a couple with trial-and-error simply because I can’t understand what it is I’m supposed to be doing.

I was under the impression (although I don’t know where I got this idea from) that there are six worlds. Well, World Six is too happy and bouncy to be the last level. One of the Rules of Platform Games is that the final level/world/area is a castle, an enemy base, or set in space. Or a combination of them all – not some sort of garden with smiling flowers. Or something.

Densetsu no Stafi 2 (GBA)

This really is a most excellent platformer, you know, even though I fear I’m missing out on some totally riveting storyline with the amount of Japanese dialogue going on.

Progressed past World 4, killing the Ice/Fire Dragon boss at the end that was somewhat heat bi-polar, and now I’m into Tree Tops World (World 5). Yes, a starfish in the trees, which are conveniently full of water and stuff. I’ve gained the ability to double-jump now too.

I did have a few bizarre “smack four things in order” puzzles to contend with, and no idea which order to smack them. Managed two by trial and error, and my wife solved the third one for me.

Densetsu no Stafi 2 (GBA)

After playing Hide and Seek with some small turtles (or whatever they are), it was time to move on to killing the boss at the end of World 3. It was a thing riding a giant moth.

Like the previous bosses, it was pretty easy, and I was soon onto World 4, which is Ice World. So lots of falling ice spikes and slippy floors.

Densetsu no Stafi 2 (GBA)

You know, this is a deceptively deep platformer. In between the platforming and swimming, there are puzzles, spikes (and stars to collect) trapped in blocks you destroy, and a pretty large array of moves. Who knew a starfish could be so agile?

I’m up to 3-3 now, and I seem to be hopping around the back of a giant turtle. You know, as you do.

Densetsu no Stafi 2 (GBA)

I already have, and have played a little of, the 4th game in this series. I was hoping to start with the first game, but can’t get it for under a million pounds, and this was about 9p on Play Asia a while ago so I picked it up.

It’s a cute platformer with some puzzley elements and collection, and many of the levels involve some sort of quest.

So far, I’m on level 2-2, having just collected some furniture for a fish. Including a chair. For a fish.