Team Fortress 2 (360)

I actually played this for much of the afternoon, but thought I’d combine it all into one eye-friendly post.

So I’ve played it a lot today, almost entirely on 2Fort. Again. Had a great time this afternoon with a group of people, and we were all pretty devious. As soon as a “hole” was found, they plugged it. So we found another hole. And so on. It was really good, and we won (which was even better).

This evening, SomethingWitty joined me for some 2Fort “action”, and then we moved on to Attack/Defend (which I don’t like quite so much).

Team Fortress 2 (360)

I am best! Well, OK, so I’m not. My first few games on Attack/Defend resulted in complete failure, but I think my choice of Sniper and the fact we were down a player (and I’d not played that map before) didn’t help.

Then the host quit. So I joined a game of CTF on 2Fort. Yeah, again. And we won! Lots! It is true that I didn’t manage to get all that many points, and everyone on my team bar one person was better than me, but I managed to capture the flag myself once and had several assists moving it around. Aces!

Team Fortress 2 (360)

Hurrah! We won again! Twice!

Played three games (all CTF on 2Fort), but the host left part way through the first game, so I joined another instead. For the next two, I played as a Demoman, and had much fun with sticky remote mines. Managed to unlock an achievement for winning by shutout on 2Fort as well.

It really is fun, this.

Team Fortress 2 (360)


I was actually not only not crap, but actually absolutely vital to my team’s success today! I played a looooooong game of 8-on-8 Capture the Flag on the 2Forts map, as a Pyro.

To start off, I thought I’d defend the flag (briefcase), seeing as no-one else was doing that, and saw off a fair few would-be thieves, but after a while my team got their act together defending, with gun turrets a-plenty and snipers and guards, and I felt a bit left out.

So I decided to go on the attack instead. Our first point was an assist by me. One of our team had snatched the briefcase and ran for it, but was killed about half-way out of the enemy base. I ran in and picked it up, and made it to half-way into our base, before a spy stabbed me in the back. Luckily, a team-mate picked him off and completed the steal. 1-0!

Sadly, it was quickly 1-1, as we’d not been paying attention to our case in the excitement.

Then a good 15 minutes passed with some failed snatches (they’d set up several turrets in the room their case was in), before I followed a Heavy and a Soldier in on a three pronged turret attack. We destroyed the turrets (and killed the few enemy team also in the room), but they Heavy and the Soldier died, and I was on just 14 health. I thought, “Sod it”, and grabbed the case, and legged it out.

And ran! And ran more! I tried to take a route out that would avoid the remaining turrets and guards, and got wounded on the bridge between bases (7 health!). Our base was swarming with enemy, but I killed a couple and my team mates helped secure a safe route, but for the final run I was on my own. And I did it!

2-1 and WINNAR! Amazing.

Team Fortress 2 (360)

I’ve been having internet problems this week (a man from Virgin came and fixed them a short while ago), and I’d also, before any problems, bought some new networking kit to replace my aging stuff. I was hoping all this would fix any lag issues I’d been getting on Xbox Live. And they did!

Played two full games, with a load of Americans, and barely a glitch or jump in the action. Excellent!

Not that I managed to do particularly well. We were playing Attack/Defend in the Dustbowl, and although I thought I was holding my own, killing off attackers and not dying much, and we managed to win, I scored bottom out of everyone. Pff.

Team Fortress 2 (360)

How is it possible that I faired even worse than last night? It was still fun and all (and I even got a neck-stab in with a spy – yay!) but I always seemed to be on the losing team.

I was usually the best player on the worst team, mind. Clearly not my fault then!

Team Fortress 2 (360)

I’m not really a big fan of multiplayer vs shooters, and team based ones even less so, but Halo 3 put me in the mood for some and since I have what many consider the best of the genre in the form of Team Fortress 2, I gave it a go.

And? I was pleasantly surprised. It’s all cartoony, which is a plus for me, and the variety in the characters you can play as is great too. I didn’t do particularly well (although my team managed to win a few round on Attack/Defend), but that didn’t matter.

It’s just a shame some of my games were horribly lagged, but joining another game sorted that out.