Tetris Splash (360)

People have stopped playing this online already?! It’s been out less than a week! Managed to find just one single game, which was in progress. When it finished, the host didn’t bother starting another game and one by one all the players gave up waiting and quit. As did I.

So played Marathon Mode, reaching Level 17 (I think) with a score that puts me at around 7000th in the world. Rubbish!

Tetris Splash (360)

I’m not that huge a fan of Tetris you know. Yeah, it’s alright, but I was never one of those people who could sit and play it for hours. I always prefered Columns. Well, until Puyo Puyo existed, anyway. I think it’s the combo and/or chaining system of other well-based puzzle games that appeals to me, and Tetris doesn’t have one.

But I bought it anyway, even though it has the broke-the-original “additions” of other recent Tetris titles – you can see several blocks in advance, you can rotate blocks forever, there’s a “ghost” of the block you’re dropping in the bottom of the well, you can hold a piece for later… that sort of thing.

It’s OK though. Played a few games of Marathon Mode, gaining a few achievements, and then went online and played (and lost) a few 6-player games there as well. The guys I was playing kept complaining about “the grey line” that kept rising up as other players got rid of lines, and saying how it “ruins the game”. I don’t understand – that’s the point of multiplayer Tetris, isn’t it? One of them even suggested the lines should appear in the well of the person who is winning! What!?