The Room Two (iPad): COMPLETED!

I quite enjoyed the first game when I picked it up on the Switch cheap a while back, but never saw this sequel (or rather, second half of the story) appear on there. I noticed it was on Apple Arcade and so thought I’d play it there instead what with it being essentially free.

Controlling it on a touch screen was actually more complex than perhaps it should have been, especially the zooming in and out which felt in inverse of pinch-to-zoom controls every other app ever has. Very little of the game is actually speed dependant though, so it wasn’t really a problem – I just preferred the joycon pointer waggle controls on the Switch.

The story continues on exactly from the end of the previous game, so it seems like one game cleaved in two rather than a separate instalment. It’s also more of the same thing – escape room style puzzles, with lots of key-finding and hidden drawers and arranging thing in a particular way. It did seem a bit easier than the first part, but a few parts of that were a little obtuse so maybe that’s intentional.

The Room (Switch): COMPLETED!

It isn’t clear why this game is called The Room, because there aren’t really any rooms in it. It plays like an escape room – which many puzzles, and puzzles within puzzles – but no actual rooms. Sure, there are a couple of doors but they’re free-standing portals really.

Aside from that, it was a nice little thing to play. You’re given a puzzle box with various holes and buttons and handles to try and use or open hatches and drawers, which reveal further items and puzzles workings like cogs and rotating things. As well as what you can see on the box, you also have a special lens you can look through which reveals hidden markings, that give clues to solutions or contain puzzles of their own.

573, apparently.

I played most of the game using the Switch joycon as a sort of Wii remote, which is the first game I’ve played like this (the odd minigame on Super Mario Party and aiming in Darts on 52 Worldwide Games aside) and it works a lot better than I expected. I had to recentre the pointer quite a few times, but it didn’t detract from the game in any way.