Touch Detective (DS): COMPLETED!

Although I’m not really sure I understand all the motives behind the final case, nor about the “earthquake!” scene. I’m still very confused.

But after doing the last case, I spent an hour or so clearing up the Bonus Episode, which although I seem to have finished (no-one else is giving me tasks), I haven’t filled the Investigation Journal. I wonder why? Anyway. The game is done and the touch log is at almost 100% done, so it’s not like I’ve just skipped half the stuff you can do.

Nice game – a bit short, a bit obtuse in some of the investigating, but fun all the same.

Touch Detective (DS)

So close! In fact, the credits started, but they were interrupted and there was more to do!

I’m investigating some “doings” at the circus. It’s all gone very odd. I won’t say much more as it might spoil it for people, but it involves fleas…

Now my battery is dead. Bah.

Touch Detective (DS)

Ahhh – so you have to click on that exact pixel at the hot-dog stand. Grr. How irritating.

Anyway, so I sorted the hot-dog problem, and did a few more things, and then Penelope turned into an angel (no, she didn’t die), and I completed Episode 3. I’ve made a brief start on Episode 4 (Chloe seems to be able to walk through walls…) and it’s a murder case. Or isn’t. It’s all very confusing…

Touch Detective (DS)

Hmm. I’m stuck.

The walrus who lives in the skating rink won’t turn the air conditioning on (to keep the snow fairy cool) until he’s too hot. He’s also hungry, and I have some hot sauce in my inventory, and there’s a hot-dog stand outside…

So you’d expect you get a hot-dog, put the hot sauce on it, and give it to the walrus yes? Of course you would.

But no. Everything I try at the hot-dog stand does nothing. I’ve even resorted to reading a walkthrough, which also says I need to get a hot-dog. BUT I CAN’T! Gah!

Touch Detective (DS)

And now I’m onto Part 2 of Case 3. There are four cases in total, it seems, which lots of “mini-episodes” to play too, so I’m not sure how far in that is overall. I don’t even know if the mini-episodes count.

This case is about a snow fairy who lives in a skating rink. Yes, really.

Touch Detective (DS)

Completed the first case, which was total lunacy, and then moved onto the second case. This time, instead of dreams being stolen, Penelope herself has been!

The Planetarium is now open for visiting too, and there’s a creepy guy who stands outside it with a wind-up music box thing. He’s quite scary. I’ve managed to get onto the second part of this case.

I have, however, started to notice a few niggley things about Touch Detective. Firstly, some of the puzzles are a bit counter-intuitive, and result in you trying every object on every other object, place, or person. This is bad point-and-click adventure design. The other thing is the artificial game-lengthening device of “go and do X to everyone!” – *BZZT!* Wrong idea!

Luckily, the quirkiness and humour is keeping me interested.

Touch Detective (DS)

Sunday night is turning into Start A New Game night for me, it seems. Last week it was Hotel Dusk, and today it’s Touch Detective.

First impressions, then: Bizarre. It’s a point and click adventure, with a very odd setting. The first detective case you get, for instance, is about you trying to find the thief who steals dreams. Yes, that’s what I said.

The humour is great too, but mostly lost for people who don’t look at the top screen while playing – that’s where Mackenzie (the main character) has her “thoughts” – basically a sort of commentary on what is going on. Or something entirely separate, like the “my tea is cold” thing she thinks about when trying to interview a victim.

The game is full of totally bizarre characters, not least your pet mushroom, or the chicken landlady (everyone else so far is human – or at least, a close approximation). And your butler is creepy to the point where you really wonder if he should be sharing a house with a young girl. Anyway…

In terms of how much I’ve played, I’m only part two of the first case. I don’t know how many parts there are, so have no way of knowing how far into the game that is.