Sonic the Hedgehog (Wii)

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Played through a bit more this morning. I’m up to Act 1 of Labyrinth Zone now. Chaos Emerald hunting isn’t going as well as I’d hoped – I’ve only got three so far.

Assorted Games (Wii)

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I went and picked up my Wii this morning, and so much of the day has been spent playing on it. The verdict? It’s ACES.

Firstly, I played Wii Sports and had a go with the baseball, tennis and boxing games. They’re all pretty good, but boxing is sheer genius. You use the remote and the nunchuk as boxing gloves and actually punch and block with them. Amazing.

Had a few goes on the bowling game then, and lost to my wife who scored a staggering 178 points. Bah.

Then it was time for Wii Play. It’s not really much more than a training guide for using the remote, but since it was only 5 quid more than a remote on it’s own (it came with one, you see), it was worth getting. Billiards on there was by far the best.

After that, I put Rayman Raving Rabbids on. It’s another game full of mini-games, most of which are totally bizarre. Made it through to the end of the second day, although I did have my Wii crash on me once.

Next up was Super Mario 64, which I’d downloaded for the Virtual Console. It’s just like I remembered, and is over a million times better than the DS version due to having analogue controls. I’ve done the first star in each of the first two worlds so far.

Finally, I downloaded Sonic the Hedgehog for the Megadrive, also for the Virtual Console. Haven’t played it much, but I’m through to the last Act of Marble Zone. And it seems you can save (or rather, suspend) your game! Excellent.