Ms. Pac-Man

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever actually played Ms. Pac-Man before. I just assumed it was Pac-Man in drag.

And it is, sort of, but slightly better aurally and graphically, and with different maze layouts (and not the same ones every level either). So why not? It’s only 400 points anyway.

I quite like it. It does seem to play like it’s a public domain Pac-Man clone (like the Amiga had fifty-sixty-twelve of) rather than a sequel, but it’s nice anyway. I’ve reached level 7 or so, and unlocked 10 of the 12 achievements already. It seems to have gotten harder more quickly than Pac-Man, however.

New Rally-X (360)

I’m up to level 11 now, I think, and I got a pile of achievements in one go today, including the do-level-7-without-dying one, which I thought was going to be really hard. That means I’m in with a chance of getting all 200 points for this game!

New Rally-X

It’s just Pac-Man only more “free flow, yo”, isn’t it? Not that it matters, as I bought it for 400 points anyway. Only played it for about 10 minutes, but that was long enough to rack up 7 achievements. Go me!

I never really “got” Rally-X before. I think it’s one of those arcade games somewhat forgotten in the UK. I certainly don’t recall ever seeing it in the arcades, and it was only because of emulators I even knew of it’s existance, really. But it’s pretty good. Garish colours though!

Novadrome (Demo) (360)

Hmm. This was today’s Xbox Live Arcade download. I applaud all the recent new titles (rather than arcade conversions), but some haven’t really been very good at all. Novadrome is just awful. It’s like a crap Twisted Metal Black clone, and that wasn’t any good to start with.

I certainly won’t be buying the full version.

RoboBlitz (Demo) (360)

Hmm. This is clearly very impressive for a 50MB game (most of which I’d imagine is the Unreal 3 Engine it uses), and it’s nice to have more original content on the Xbox Live Arcade service, but it isn’t that fantastic a game. It’s a bit puzzley, a bit platformy, and a bit smacky-shooty, but has control and camera issues.

So, nice to play for a while, but not worth the 1,200 points it costs, I don’t think.

Small Arms (Demo) (360)

Hmm. I don’t think I’ll be “buying” the full version of this. It’s just Super Smash Brothers only with guns, and without the fun, characters, or charm.

I played a couple of games, didn’t really see the appeal, and turned it off.

Defender (360)

Only a brief couple of goes on this while I waited for Small Arms to download. Only managed to get as far as wave 2, and scraped together a rather feeble 8,500-ish points. I’m so crap at this game.