Viva Pinata (360)

Viva Pinata (360)

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Level 80!

Romanced my Bonboons raw, then decided to try and get myself a Roario. This involved getting lots of Doenuts and Zumbugs into my garden, and while I waited for a Roario to show up I busied myself with getting the Master Romancer award for Goobaas and Rashberries, as well as all the colour variants for those and the Doenuts and Zumbugs. Sent out some of my excess animals to people too.

Since the Roario was a real pain (he needs to eat two each of the Zumbugs and Doenuts, and only eats one per visit), I had time to get the last two full growth awards for plants – namely the Oak and Gem trees. So that’s all my plant awards got now!

Sadly, I ran out of day and no sign of a Roario moving in. Bah. Mind you, I have worked out I need to play for another 8 hours for the 50 hour achievement, so I could get it done in that time.

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