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My first computer, which I got for my 6th birthday, was a Sinclair Spectrum +. Like many kids of the time, it was bought to aid with my schooling and was the recommendation of my school headmaster at the time. As the MJ Hibbett & The Validators song goes, “We bought it to help with your homework“. Did it?

Sort of. I did use it as a giant calculator, using commands such as

PRINT (2+5)*3

to work stuff out. I didn’t have an actual calculator then, you see.

Like many kids of the time, my computer was (of course) used for games. Lots of games. Hundreds. Most of which are probably rubbish now. But the point was, it got me started on computing, programming, gaming, and everything associated with them – and my collection grew.

This part of my Museum is devoted to my old Spectrum, and all the related paraphernalia that accompanies it.

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