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After stumbling across a load of old copies of Practical Electronics and Everyday Electronics (now merged), I found some rather interesting articles on hardware projects for Sinclair machines. Most are for the ZX81, but some are for the Spectrum.

Rather than keep these goodies all to myself, I have decided to scan them all in and upload them for your delight and delectation. Please note that they are straight scans – I haven’t OCRed them at all. And don’t complain to me if you fry your ZX81s 🙂

ZX81 2K Ram Pack – Everyday Electronics, April 1982

ZX81 Keyboard Sounder – Everyday Electronics, June 1982

ZX81 3K Ram Pack – Everyday Electronics, December 1982

ZX81 Speed Computing System – Everyday Electronics, February 1983

ZX81 Expanded Keyboard – Everyday Electronics, March 1983

ZX Spectrum Amplifier – Everyday Electronics, April 1983

ZX80 Review – Everyday Electronics, July 1980

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  1. please help trying to find a pc emulator that runs micro command speech unit
    better yet
    can you use retro X to convert pc avi video frame by frame to screen$
    was hoping to have a go for the sam coupe mode 4 16 colour but its 24kb and i know teh z80b cant shufty this amount around at 50hz even witha dma like the mb-02+ interface – my god a hi density drive thats faster than the amiga!
    all the best folks hope you like the vid
    if you code then please help us find how to pull/rip 3d vector graphics from software?

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