Adventure of Lolo (Wii)

Adventure of Lolo (Wii)

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Next week on ugvm (the newsgroup, not the magazine) is Retro Week. I’ve decided. So, in preparation, I downloaded this from the Wii VC library. I vaguely remember playing it once before, and, in fact, I thought I owned it for the NES, but perhaps not.

It’s a bit like Sokoban, only with less pushing and more baddies. Sort of. The idea is to collect all the hearts on the screen, which activates a treasure chest, and you reach that to open the door to the next screen. But you have to navigate the screen “mazes” in certain ways, avoid things, and try not to block yourself in.

It’s actually pretty good. Anyway, I reached level 3-5 (I don’t know how many there are in total, but there’s 5 on each “floor”) without too much difficulty.

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