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The Very Quick Megadrive Ultimate Collection Review Selection

A list of all the games (from Wikipedia, sorry) and some indepth reviews of each title: Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle – great! Alien Storm – rubbish! Alien Syndrome (arcade) – OK! Altered Beast – rubbish! Bonanza Bros. – OK! Columns – Not as good as the Master System version! Comix Zone – great but hard! Decap Attack – amazing! Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine – great! Dynamite Headdy – not as good as it used to be! ESWAT: …

Sega Megadrive Ultimate Collection (360)

This was a far-too-cheap-to-miss £13 in Asda today, so it was rude not to buy it. So I bought it. It’s a great package, actually. There are 40-odd Megadrive games (all with save-states), and then unlockable other games (like the arcade version of Altered Beast). So far I’ve played Alex Kidd (good), Altered Beast (rubbish as always), Flicky (amazing), Comix Zone (fantastic but bloody hard), Ristar (fiddly), and Columns (not as good as the Master System version).