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Happy Mrs Chicken

On Peppa Pig the other day, Peppa and George were playing their favourite computer game – Happy Mrs Chicken. It looked amazing. So, imagine how excited I was when I found it actually existed! Yes, you too can play Happy Mrs Chicken in the comfort of your own home! Gasp! Simply go to the Peppa Pig site, click Games, click Happy Mrs Chicken, and enjoy!

2010: How You Found Me

As with previous years, I thought I’d do a quick round-up of the most popular search terms with which you found my site. By “you”, I don’t necessarily mean you specifically, but rather the royal “you”. As in everyone. Not that everyone found me, of course. Um. I present to you, The Top Ten Things People Searched For And Found Me Instead. Hurrah! Search Hits the loyalty awards club 1,046 scam 411 imac 24 408 happy mrs chicken 352 …

The 2010 Gaming Expenditure Horror

I’ve been tracking which games I play, on my Gaming Diary, for 6 years now. It’s helped me realise how many different games I play, and how many I complete. This year, however, I’ve additionally started tracking the games I buy, and how much I paid for them – the aim being to scare myself into how much I spend on gaming. Thing is, just knowing that it’s logged has actually made me more frugal with my spending. Not only …