Blog Merged

Well, it was going to happen eventually, I suppose. I’ve not updated my blog in a few years and was getting annoyed that it was over there on its own special WordPress install, so I’ve merged it into my main site. You can still get to the posts at the same URLs as before, with the main “link” of still there as the main entry point. Took a while to fiddle with the back-end to make things appear correctly, …

Crayon Syntax Highlighter broken on WordPress on PHP 7.3

When I came to post the previous post on my blog, I found that my host’s recent upgrade to PHP 7.3 broke what seemed like everything. Turns out it’s just one plugin – Crayon Syntax Highlighter, which is really useful for styling code in posts. Unfortunately, the developer hasn’t updated his plugin in three years or so, and it seems to be changes to how regex is used that has broken it. You may get the same error I did: …

Games Museum content update

Whenever I buy one of those humongous Humble Bundles I sometimes think: At some point, I’ve got to add all these to my game museum database and that is going to be a right old pain in the backside. And you know what? It was. But, I’ve done it. I’ve also added everything else I’ve… via Games Museum content update — deKay’s Lofi-Gaming


So it seems that sometimes, the bad guys do win.

It’s hard to see right now what news is real and what is fake on either side of the reports coming out, but if Trump has indeed fired all his ambassadors and had everything regarding climate change deleted from the White House website already, then things are off to a terrible start.

Good luck, America!