So it seems that sometimes, the bad guys do win.

It’s hard to see right now what news is real and what is fake on either side of the reports coming out, but if Trump has indeed fired all his ambassadors and had everything regarding climate change deleted from the White House website already, then things are off to a terrible start.

Good luck, America!


  1. There’s nothing particularly unusual in this. Remember, he’s the head of state, not just a Prime Minister. Under our system, the government carries on in the name of the Queen when someone new enters No. 10. But over there, ambassadors are appointed by the President, personally. They’re usually changed by a new administration.

    Same with the WH website. As it stood until noon today, it was the site of the Obama White House. That has been archived (just as Bush’s was before it) and a nonpartisan placeholder put up until such time as the new administration alters it in its own image. Which it will, and you probably won’t like a lot of it (nor will I, I expect). But there’s really nothing sinister in what happened to it today.

    Duncan Snowden
    1. No, you’re right. Seems odd (and again, could be biased reporting) that all the stuff he’s against (LGBT, climate change, etc) vanished first, and so soon though.

      He’s also using the White House site to pimp his wife’s businesses.


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