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Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding (DC): COMPLETED!

It only took about an hour’s play today, but I managed to complete the game! Hurrah! It was much, much easier than the N-Gage version. This was, in part, due to the controls and visibility being much better on the Dreamcast. However, I’m almost certain some of the score goals were significantly lower, and the competitions were much more forgiving. Anyway, Game Over now!

Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding (DC)

I’ve aborted playing THPS2 for the DC for the time being, since my copy of this (otherwise known as THPS on other platforms) arrived today and it makes sense to play it first. Yeah, I played and completed the N-Gage version earlier this year, but this version is much better. It isn’t on the N-Gage for a start… Anyway. Played and got all of the goals in the Warehouse, and have managed to pick up a couple on the School …

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