Onkyo breaks Wii Virtual Console: The Horror!

Noooo! My lovely shiny expensive sexy audio equipment has a flaw! A nasty horrid flaw! It seems that you can’t play Wii Virtual Console games through it.

The picture splits in half, and the left half is on the right and vice versa. Then the screen goes black. And then I can’t use the Home button to bring up the menu, as when I do, the Wii crashes. Rubbish!

Thankfully, I figured ot a workaround. Until now, everything that goes through the Onkyo SR605 gets upscaled over HDMI. This makes the Wii’s picture look lovelier than ever, but sadly, stops VC games from being visible. So I just ran a component cable back to the TV from the receiver, and luckily that works!

Of course, I now have to change input on the TV if I want to play VC games, but that’s a small price to pay.

Which all means I can now play Adventure of Lolo 2 that I bought at the weekend!

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