Interactive Fiction: Two room puzzle

I’m going to be showing some students how to create interactive fiction with Inform 7. The first task for them will be to replicate this two room puzzle:

4 thoughts on “Interactive Fiction: Two room puzzle”

  1. >get key
    >open door
    It seems to be locked.
    >open door with key
    You unlock the wooden door

    Maybe you could get them to do some logic that lets a player use “open door” as a viable command if they already have the key? (Not that I’ve ever used Inform 7, so that might be trickier than it sounds…)

  2. Oh of course – that’s pretty simple, but purposefully left out. The aim is to get a very basic, no-frills game that shows the mechanics of an IF game before they create their own. They don’t even know what IF is yet, let alone how to write it!

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