Game Dev Diary: FR v0.15

Colliders, but no hadrons (of any size).

freeroam v0.15

Things have been moving on with my game this week. The main thing I tackled was detecting wall collisions, which seemed simple enough at first but then I found you could subvert it by walking into a wall whilst offset from it’s “grid” by a few pixels.

I ended up using a tutorial provided in PICO-8 Zine #3 along with some advice from both the PICO-8 BBS and the Slack channel to implement a hitbox system, which works just lovely.

Also this week I’ve added what I’m currently calling warp tiles, but could just as easily be switches or traps when I decide what I’m going to do with them. My original collision detection routine for these now needs updating to be as accurate as the wall method – I’m probably going to figure out a universal collision function before I move on to other things I could collide with.

Oh yeah, and there’s also a big text box at the bottom of the screen, which I’m quite pleased with. Just look at it, with it’s almost 3D look. Awesome.

Remember, you can click in that box and play. Woooo.

Other things to do:

  1. Animate man/woman/bird/goat.
  2. Actually think about what sort of game this is going to be.
  3. Write the damn game.

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