Mario 64DS

Mario 64DS

Still sticking with it, despite the problems I’m having with the controls. Have I mentioned the problems with the controls? They’re awful.

Rescued Mario, which has improved things a little. Yoshi just doesn’t feel “right” for the game. I’ve now got 16 Stars, and so went and had a crack at the first Bowser boss. Not that I could even reach him, as the terrible controls make the tricky platform section before him bloody hard. Grr!


  1. I found that pre-Bowser very tricky, but I absolutely loved it. I spent hours on it after beating Bowser, trying to get the stars there.

    You’ve actually made me want to do take Mr Driller out of my DS and play Mario 64 instead. Not that I’ll do anything crazy like that, obviously.

    – T’rev


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