Since I’m a Right Proper Hero now, I thought I’d best do some Right Proper Heroing. Off I trundled to a nearby town, and talked to all the local laydees. I then examined a bookcase in a house, only to find it wasn’t “examining”, but “stealing”, and the guards ran after me. And hit me with swords. Gah – I was trying to be nice as well.

Managed to get away (I couldn’t pay the fine as I didn’t have the money) and went back to the Guild, and explored the shop there. Settled on a Greatsword, which I rushed out to kill wasps and beetles with. Except, it’s too heavy for me so I can only drag it along the ground. Tch. I have a new Fireball spell too, although it doesn’t seem to be very powerful.

After a few short quests (and beating up Whisper), I started on a longer one, escorting some traders through the Darkwood. One of them turned into a nasty black demon thingie, which was nice. Then I was attacked by a huge troll thing, which was laughably easy to kill with my bow. And then I reached Oakvale! The village I started the game in. So much for “everyone except me” dying, as I learn that my sister is still alive, and I bumped into some people who are still there from before. Stupid plot holes.

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