I hate Balverines. Expecially when there are five of them together. And the quest I went on involved not only killing a load of them, but also slapping about a group of eight bandits, and finally killing a hulking great White Balverine (who kept summoning more normal Black Balverines). Of course, I did it because I am grate (and the game isn’t actually very hard).

Although, I reached the Arena for the quest after that, and after killing several waves of wasps and then Hobbes, it was onto more Balverines. And then four Balverines and a White one. Then five and two White ones. I was fighting alongside Whisper, however, so that helped (but only as a decoy – she’s crap). After killing them, it was back to the “rest area”, and I saved the game.

Oh yes, and I can now use some “Sexy Pose” thing. Which makes women weak at the knees. And everyone now calls me “Arseface”.

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