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Bit of a marathon session on this today, it seems. Started off this evening by visiting Lady Grey in Bowerstone. She wanted a black rose from me, and now wants me to buy a house. Sod that! Started a quest looking for the Archeologist again, who was held prisoner by some wierdy things with two headed staffs and blade-sticks. Some idiot guards joined me to help out, although most died.

After saving him, he told me where to find my mother, so off I went. This involved finding my way through a graveyard (full of constantly respawning undeads, gah), digging up graves and fishing (to find bits of armour), and working my way through to Jack of Blade’s prison. Where I found my mother but was promptly captured. And lost all my abilities and items. Had to do a race (twice) here, and finally escaped again, with my mother. She gave me some magic power thing, and left to find my sister. On to the next bit then….

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