Before setting off on my next quest, I decided to figure out how you go about getting married. So, I wooed a lady in a bar in Bowerstone (as you do), and she eventually had a large heart over her head. I then gave her chocolates, and she suggested she might want a wedding ring. Once purchased, she then wanted a house! Tch. Anyway, bought a house and we were wed. Hurrah!

I then went to Oakvale and got married to another barmaid. Bigamy == BEST.

On with the quest then. Had to go to Darkwood and kill a load of Undeads (oh joy), to activate a teleporter, or rather “Cullis Gate” as they’re called. That took me to Hook Coast, where my way was blocked by a magic door. Returning to the Guild as instructed, my mother was kidnapped again, and I found a book with a spell to get rid of the door. Back to Hook Coast then, which by now was populated by banshees, it seems. Oh, and my sister was there too, held captive by Jack of Blades and [kind of obvious spoiler]. Jack made off with the Key that unlocks the Sword, and I killed off [spoiler]. Must be getting close to the end now…

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