GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas

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I’ve decided to go back to this now, and get it completed. Assuming I don’t get too annoyed at it. I really like the game, but the missions annoy me. I just like driving round, shooting things, jumping out of things, and Taking A Bike Where A Bike Shouldn’t Go (TM).

Did two of Jizzy’s missions, and then had to tail a reporter. First, he gets on a train, so I have to follow that. Which takes aaaaages to stop. Then I have to follow him without being seen. Stupidly, I got off my bike, and followed him, and then when he got in a cab, I couldn’t find a single vehicle and so he got away. So, all the way back to the start and try again. This time, I spooked him and failed the mission – even though we were getting further apart, the Spook-o-Meter kept filling up. Irritating. So I turned it off.

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