Ribbit King

Ribbit King

It started off well. I raced through my opponents, defeating all of them bar one first go and by miles. I did lose to Princess Fish-on-Head once, but only because she got the bonus points and it took her score to 5210 – when mine was 5206. Grr.

And then, on the last opponent (Or at least, I assume Sparky and Whoosh 2 are my last opponents, since they have the item I need and I’ve played everyone else), I lost. By miles. Somehow they racked up 3000 points in one go. I hate them. Then, I lost to them again, as they got the bonus and beat me that way. On my third attempt I lost once more, as they got a Frog-in-One on the last round, after picking up some 1500 points on the way, and depleting my impressive 2000 point lead. That left them more than 1000 points ahead of me, and no way for me to claw that back in one shot. I cried.

On my fourth attempt, I had racked up a nice lead on the third round, and all being well I was on to a winner. Then the game crashed! Arrrrgh! HATE. SMASH. CRY.

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