Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

After giving some pants to the fortune teller woman, I soon found the local Glastonbury pub on fire, so rushed in to save a bloke who turned out to be Bruno. Then it was back to Paris, where Nico had been let out of jail. Some wandering round, and some breaking and entering (which was the old newspaper-under-the-door-and-wiggle-something-in-the-lock-and-the-key-falls-out trick), later, and I was in possession of a DVD. The video on the DVD was the programmer bloke retelling his discovery of the end of the world. Or something. It involved ley lines, anyway.

Then I went off to a theatre, which was disused, and had to gain entry by use of scaffolding and fire escapes. And I was promptly caught by some baddies, including the woman who killed the programmer, and the man who killed the scientist. Friendly bunch.

Cut back to George ‘n’ Bruno, who had just arrived in Paris. Oh let me guess – I have to rescue Nico now?

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