Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

After a hard think about which game I wanted to play-to-complete next, I settled on this.

Don’t know how far in I am – not very I expect. Have done George’s first bit, then all of Nico’s bit, then back to George again. It’s pretty good so far, although some of the puzzles have been a little obvious (although this is noted by the game – George says “Oh, the old block-on-a-pressure pad trick, eh?” at one point). I was surprised by the Shenmue-ness of it too, which is good, I think. There was even a QTE for Nico.

I also like the jokes. Looking at the painting of the apple in the programmer’s apartment causes Nico to say “It’s a Steve Jobs original”, for example. And a traffic warden who wants to save the world from aliens is just genius.

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