Pro Evolution Soccer 4

Pro Evolution Soccer 4

Having not enjoyed a single football game since Sensible World of Soccer, I was unsure as to what I would think of this. I mean, everyone says it’s the best football game ever (except chavs, who think FIFA is because it is made by EA), but it looked a bit more complicated than SWOS.

Anyway, I did some free training to start to get a feel for the controls, and then went into a match between England (me) and Belgium (CPU, chosen at random). I held out well for the first half, but then lost 0-3. Pah.

Another game, England v Scotland, and it was extra time before any goals were scored. And they were scored by Scotland, not me. 0-2 and I’d lost again. But it is good, and I’d play more but my sprained left wrist makes it difficult.

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