Eternal Darkness

Eternal Darkness

I bought this game for £5 about two years ago, and it’s never seen the inside of my Gamecube. Decided to have a go, and see if I can make it my next game-to-complete.

Wandered around the mansion a little as Alex, and found a key, broke a different key, and opened a secret room. Found a book inside, and it was time to become Pious Augustus in Persia, 2000 years ago. Seems easy enough so far, although I’m not having a great time dealing with three baddies at once. Perhaps things will improve when I get a ranged weapon?

Got to the end of Pious’ level, and had the choice of three artifacts. Chose the green one. Not sure what the difference is, but that was the one I picked. Saved and quit for now.

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