Star Trek: Shattered Universe

Star Trek: Shattered Universe

The “Field of Hono(u)r” mission was really annoying me for much of today’s play. It’s a rock-Klingon-rock mission, but then two Orion ships appear and loads of fighters. I managed to kill the Klingons and the rocks, and one of the two Orion capital ships (the other ran away) – but the Orion fighters are so quick that they’re hard to kill. Invariably, that left the Excelsior blown up. That wasn’t the most irritating thing though – the time it takes to get to that bit of the mission (a good 15-20 minutes) was. After at least 6 attempts, I finally managed it.

The next missions were pretty easy, and thankfully not exactly the same as what had gone before. Most annoying was the “Balok’s War” mission. You have to destroy loads of floating cubes in 90 seconds (which I managed) and then kill 27164534732 fighters. OK, so they’re easy to kill, but there are so many of them the mission drags on forever.

After more missions, I meet up with some Romulans, who are flying Klingon ships for the only reason that the game designers couldn’t be bothered to draw Romulan ships. They kept cloaking too, which was a pain. Killed them all though.


  1. OMG I did it I beat this stupid level…okay I had to cheat to do it but that not the point. Okay heres how first up the imperial spectre type 3 better weapons just enter L1, SQUARE, L1, SQUARE, R1, R1, CIRCLE, SELECT to unlock all the ships. Find the imperial spectre type 3 and just start wailing on them. There are 61 kills you gotta make. Just restart the game after the level and every thing will reset to normal.

    Well thats how to do it. Have fun make those little peices of popcorn pay for the months of frustration. lol


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