Trackmania Sunrise Demo

Trackmania Sunrise Demo

Since everyone on the ugv* groups are talking about this, I decided to download the demo and have a go. There are three game modes, with two levels in each, open in the demo. Race is, obviously, a race. I’m not too sure about the handling, though, and the jumps are pretty blind. Perhaps a Hard Drivin’ “speed limit” sign system might help here. But it’s “nice”.

Platform mode involves jumping, mostly. But, since the jumps are blind still, you just get the feeling that success comes from memorising the course rather than any actual skill.

Puzzle mode is quite clever. You have to build a track from a start point to a finish point with a limited number of pieces, then race on it. If you get your time lower than the target time, you win.

I managed to get at least Silvers on everything, golds on a couple, and played for a couple of hours. It certainly does a lot right, but the few flaws spoil it a bit. I won’t be buying the full game.

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