Need For Speed Underground 2

Need For Speed Underground 2

Put this on for a quick try. What an awful, awful game. Played a couple of races against the CPU, then some Drag races against a friend. What a stupid mode that is – you don’t even have to steer round corners! Then did a Sprint race, which was equally crap. Also tried Career mode, but the storyline (yes, a storyline) is pants and superfluous to the racing. As is everything else, even. And the graphics are rubbish.

Lets never play it again.


  1. what a load of cobblers. graphics = amazing. Depth of mods = amazing. Gameplay = amazing. Storyline, doesn’t matter. Its a RACING game. Only downside is actually the realism, no damage to car. But that hardly matters now does it?

    Great gamne, go buy it.


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