Sonic Advance 2

Sonic Advance 2

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Ah yes, a proper Sonic game. Not like that Sonic Heroes monstrosity, with its stupid 3D-ness and team-ness and Cream-ness and die-for-no-reason-ness. This is a normal 2D Sonic, and because of that, it works.

Although it suffers from some generic 2D platformer traits (ice/fire/grass levels, etc.), it makes up for it by actually being fun and not crap. OK, so I died a few times, but unlike Heroes, I felt it was my fault, and not the game just being crap that caused it. Ran (literally – it is a Sonic game after all) through the first few Zones – the Green Hill type one, the Lava type one, Zool-a-like Music Zone, and some kind of nighttime Ice Cap-in-Hollywood level. And then onto Sky Canyon.

I’m not sure how the sky can have a canyon, but anyway.

Bosses so far have been fairly easy. I’m not too sure I like the way you have to go about killing them though. Remember the tree-cutting boss from Sonic and Knuckles‘s first zone? You have to chase after it as the level scrolls continuously. Well, they’re all like that in Sonic Advance 2. So far, anyway.

Currently, I’m stuck on Sky Canyon Act 2. Well, not so much stuck, as “run out of lives before I complete it”. But I’ll get there.

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